Restaurant remains closed

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Sign outside Fresh tells the story for the moment.

If you were planning to eat at Fresh, the restaurant owned by the Shelter Island Country Club,  over the Labor Day weekend, forget it.

The restaurant was empty at lunch Friday with a sign advising that the kitchen is closed but “reopens soon.”

But no one’s saying when that might be and who might be opening it.

A woman in the kitchen, who wouldn’t give her name, had no comment and SICC Board President Betty Kontje has declined to comment about what’s happening with the popular eatery atop Goat Hill.

The word earlier this week from club General Manager Charlie Beckwith was that restaurant manager Tammy Moore was gone and the board would be hiring new management . The board met Tuesday, but made no decision on new management, Ms. Kontje said.

Neither she nor Ms. Moore have commented further, leaving it unclear whether there’s any chance of Fresh returning or another restaurant opening in its place.

Ms. Moore opened the restaurant in 2011 with a partner, Gary Viglione. Both had worked for Bella Vita on the Green, the club’s restaurant that preceded Fresh, but she has been operating it on her own the past two summers.