Ladies bowling: McCarthy rolls high for week’s honors


Hi folks! I am really glad that I write this column every week, since it keeps me “in the loop” and also helps me to retain a semblance of proper English. Just the other day I caught myself speaking and writing in Chinglish (a fusion of the Chinese and English languages). This will make for some great fun in future articles, as well as my weekly “one-up” on Hans!

The following details are but a small chronicle of the events that occurred on the first night of bowling. The Guttersnipes and Spares R Us left some notes that made for interesting reading on the score sheet. Even though the Spares only won 3 points that night, they kept everyone laughing. Mama P was up to her usual shenanigans, as she bowled over average for two out of three games. Julia Best bowled one of her highest games to date. I had some trouble deciphering the notes on the score sheet. All I could really understand was that Julia “kissed the pin” and something about a “birthday split.” Sounds like a personal issue to me!

Ellie Labrozzi tried to maintain some composure and some high scores during the laugh fest.

The Guttersnipes won 8 points for that evening. Christine Brown bowled a string of consistent pearls, as did Cathy Driscoll. Joanne Kresak and Cara Loriz held on tight for this battle of ultimate athleticism! Mary Dudley must have been building a log cabin somewhere up north, as she was not around to put her “spin” on things.

The following evening the Fabulous Five met up with Family Ties. Clearly Essie Simovich got my previous note about the fortune cookies if you roll a turkey.

Essie has already done this twice this season. I have enough fortune cookies, but I may have to ask Hans for some help for the fortunes! Jammin’ Jackie Brewer is reaching her peak as she consistently bowled over average in all three games. Audrey Marshall packed a mighty punch with her personal high of the night, a blistering 157. Donna Cass also bowled her best on this evening. Hmmm, must be the promise of those cookies!

Family Ties airs on NBC … Nope, that was the television show. Sorry ladies, the team name gets some razzing for that one. “What would we do baby, without” Melissa Steinmuller bowling a 151. “What would we do, baby, without” Cathy Rasmussen bowling average. Family Ties bowled well and earned 6 of the 11 points available; the other 5 went to none other than the Fabulous Five.

The final night of the first five weeks of bowling, we crowned a new Bowler of the Week. The Odd Balls’ Linda McCarthy bowled 65 pins over average for the series and 75 pins over her average in game three (185). Congratulations Linda! The Odd Balls all had some nice efforts that evening. Margaret Colligan joined the Odd Balls as an alternate bowler and helped contribute to the win. Bev “I don’t know how you do it all” Pelletier knocked down some serious timber in games one and two (176-154). Kelly Michalak posted a nice 142, while Captain Stephanie “Pony Girl” Tybaert bowled a solid 143 and 131. The Odd Balls ran away with 8 points for the night.

Paint By Numbers claimed the final 3 points with only two bowlers, Pam Jackson and Linda Springer. Ginny and Phyllis were busy hamming it up with Mickey Mouse this week, so Linda and Pam picked up the slack. Pam bowled her usual greatness (155-180-138). Linda also bowled well, posting a 136-125-156, but it wasn’t enough to thwart the Odd Balls. I hope Ginny and Phyllis bought you guys some souvenirs for the effort!

Five weeks down, 20 more to go! Averages have been established and now the points really start to count. As a famed Shelter Island bowler would whisper in your ear: “Psst … No pressure!”

Week 5 Team Standings
Team    Won    Lost
Paint By Numbers    36.0    19.0
Fabulous Five    35.0    20.0
Guttersnipes    30.0    25.0
Odd Balls    26.5    28.5
Family Ties    25.5    29.5
Spares R Us    12.0    43.0