Bigamy — in the movies — equals big laughs


“My Favorite Wife,”  to be shown at the Senior Activity Center on Wednesday, April 9 at 2:30 p.m., echoes the theme of spring renewal or resurrection.

A man’s wife has been missing for seven years and on the day he has her declared dead, he marries another woman. The former wife returns to her old home safe and sound and is shocked to learn of his new mate.

Irene Dunne is the first Mrs. Arden; Cary Grant is Mr. Nick Arden, a lawyer. Gail Patrick is the second Mrs. Arden, and all three end up in the hotel where both honeymoons took place. The laughs begin as Nick spots his first wife as he is about to be upgraded to the second-best suite. His stunned expression alone is worth the price of the ticket.

When Nick finds out that his first wife was alone on an island for the past seven years with a man, played by Randolph Scott, he overreacts and this screwball comedy really takes off.

Nick is arrested for bigamy when his own mother turns him in to the police and all interested characters end up in court. Mr.

Arden must finally explain how this all came about and asks the judge to untangle his love life with care.

Running time: 88 minutes.

Come down to the Senior Activity Center on April 9 and be ready to laugh until your sides hurt. Mimi, Maggie and I will have free drinks and treats ready, along with soft comfortable chairs. We will be looking for you!