Tonight: Experience art and creativity at library

COURTESY PHOTO | ‘Sideways Circle Painting’ by Melinda Zox
‘Sideways Circle Painting’ by Melinda Zox

Friday Night Dialogues at the Library invites you to join in on “A Conversation with the Artist,” Melinda Zox, tonight at 7 p.m. in the Community Room on the lower level.

“I am drawn to color and influenced by bold, strong lines as well as the dynamic, powerful shapes in metal sculpture,” said the artist. She describes the way she expresses herself in her work — “at times quiet, still and grounded, interrupted by explosions of energy, chaos and life.” At the library, she will discuss how the mediums she uses have evolved over the years to include metal sculpture, clay, paper collages and large linear nude paintings.

The daughter of abstract painter Larry Zox and his artist wife Jean Glover Zox, Melinda was born and raised in the heart of the downtown New York City art scene. Now a noted abstract artist herself, she recalls that growing up was “a constant visual discussion, with quite a collection of colorful people.”

Her childhood, she says, was “a continual lesson in the experience of art and creativity. Art, color and expression were a part of our daily lives and almost every conversation. My brother and I were encouraged to explore and indulge in the freedom of whatever moved us creatively and visually throughout our childhood.”

Melinda Zox studied at the School of Visual Arts and lived in Alaska for many years where she worked in pottery with Alaskan artists. Today, she lives in New York with Tim Stewart and children Amber and Emily, where she continues to explore and indulge in the freedom of artistic expression.

Friday Night Dialogues at the Library is free with donations greatly appreciated.

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