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No arrests or tickets on blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Constance F. Fischer of Shelter Island was driving northbound on South Ferry Road on May 3 when she hit a deer at the intersection of Heritage Drive. There was more than $1,000 in damage to the front hood, bumper and driver’s-side front end. The deer was gone when police arrived.

On May 5, Hilbert Camp of Shelter Island was backing out of a parking space at the Center post office when he collided with a vehicle being driven by Charles S. Beckwith of Shelter Island. Damage to the rear driver’s-side of Mr. Camp’s vehicle and the rear passenger-side of Mr. Beckwith’s was estimated at over $1,000.

A caller reported wires down on a Long View roadway on April 29; police advised the telephone and cable companies.

A burglary at a Center residence was reported on April 29.

A caller reported a van being driven at a high speed in Dering Harbor; the same van was seen previously, the caller said, traveling at more than 60 mph. Police located the driver who said he would be more careful but hadn’t been driving at that speed.

A complaint about harassing cellphone messages was called in on April 29.

Police responded to a call from a HiLo resident about a financial scam.

An injured deer was reported on a Center roadway on May 1. The deer was dead when police arrived, the result of a motor vehicle accident.

On May 1, a motorist told police that youths chased her vehicle and were yelling as she drove around a traffic circle. Police located the youths and advised them to stay on the sidewalk and not to yell.

Also on May 1, an anonymous caller told police that automatic sprinklers had been turned on at a golf course in the Heights. Although golf courses are exempt from irrigation restrictions, the caller noted that it had been raining earlier. The greens-keeper turned off the sprinklers.

A caller complained about a barking dog in the Center on May 2. Police spoke to one possible dog owner who didn’t think it was her dog. The caller was advised to contact the police when it happened again so it could be determined where the dog lived.

On May 2, a caller reported an ATV being operated in Menantic. The riders were located and advised to keep off the roadway.

A visitor to police headquarters on May 2 reported being tailgated by a school bus. Police patrolled the area but with negative results.

A caller reported on May 2 that there was a bonfire and BBQ on a front yard in a Center neighborhood. Police found a self-contained metal fire pit and hamburgers being cooked on an open flame BBQ. No problems were noted.

On May 4, police responded to a possible criminal trespass over the winter at a South Ferry Hills residence. A police investigation did not indicate any criminal activity.

Police notified PSEG on May 4 after receiving a report of a dangling wire over a Shorewood roadway.

A caller told police on May 5 about having a  problem with a young person on a Center property. Police located the youth and notified the parent.

Two burglary alarms were reported on Little Ram Island and in Menantic on April 29 and May 3 respectively. In both cases the premises appeared to be secure and no criminal activity was noted.

On May 5, the Shelter Island Fire Department responded to two automatic fire alarms — at the Senior Activity Center and at a Ram Island residence. The first may have been triggered by a faulty smoke alarm; the second was a false alarm.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported three people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on April 29 and May 3 and 4.