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Public hearing set on licensing carters

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | The Town Board has set a public hearing on licensing commercial trash haulers for May 30.
REPORTER FILE PHOTO | The Town Board has set a public hearing on licensing commercial trash haulers for May 30.

The Town Board decided May 9 that the public will get its chance to discuss whether it agrees with the proposed licensing of commercial waste carters, setting a hearing for May 30.

Public Works Commissioner Jay Card Jr. has encouraged the Town Board to provide formal oversight of commercial haulers who are compensated for serving 50 or more customers on the Island. They would have to pay a licensing fee, the amount to be determined, and would be subject to pay contamination fees if they intentionally or unintentionally placed contaminants in the municipal solid waste, vegetative waste, construction and demolition or recyclables areas.

The language in the proposed law requires licensing of any commercial hauler who operates within the town, regardless of whether they dump the materials they collect at the Recycling Center or take them off-Island for disposal. Haulers would have to provide annual reports on the waste they pick up in town, including information on its disposal and they would be prohibited from mixing household wastes with recyclables in their trucks, cans or hoppers.

Those who fail to follow such separation rules would be subject to suspension for up to two weeks for the first offense; up to a month for a second violation; and could see the license revoked for a fourth or more violations.

While the carters could appeal violations to the Town Board whose decision would be final about what punishment, if any, should be required. Haulers violating the rules could be subject to a contamination fee for dumping solid waste in the wrong location of the Recycling Center and could have their license suspended or revoked for repeated violations.

The Island has two major commercial haulers — Shelter Island Sanitation, owned by Dan Binder and doing business as Dan’s Carting and Recycling, and Shelter Island Environmental, operated by John DiVello. The two are currently battling in court with Mr. DiVello suing Mr. Binder over the issue of who has the right to use what name and who is encroaching on the other’s business. They could be back in State Supreme Court in Riverhead next Tuesday.

The Town Board hearing on the proposed licensing is slated for 4:50 p.m. Friday, May 30.
In other business, the Town Board on May 9:
• Issued a proclamation honoring Alison Binder as Volunteer of the Year for her work with the town’s nutrition program and as a volunteer for the Shelter Island 10K, Shelter Island School and the Shelter Island Historical Society. Supervisor James Dougherty cited her for her enthusiasm and compassion.
• Appointed Stephen Lenox to the Taylor’s Island Preservation and Management Committee; Karen Mayer Lissakers to the Community Preservation Fund Advisory Board; Jay Schneiderman to the Ferry Study Group; and Jonathan LiCausi as a Recreation/FIT aide.
• Approved construction of a 3.5-foot by 15-foot ramp and a 6-foot by 20-foot floating dock with a power pedestal and four 8-inch  tie-off for Eric Pitt of 12 Cover Way. Mr. Will will have to get building department approval for electrical and water service.
• Approved rock revetment work sought by Timothy and Kathryn Costello of 4 Clinton Avenue.
• Approved mooring permits for Daniel Reich of 4 Hidden Path; Justine and Ingrid Bateman of 38 Tuthill Drive; and Stefan Linn of 136 North Ram Island Drive.
• Extended  a permit allowing Susan Ciaccio of 74E North Cartwright Road to construct a 4-foot by 20-foot ramp onto a 4-foot by 100-foot fixed dock with a 4-foot by 20-foot lower platform at the offshore end and install two 2-pile mooring dolphins.
• Extended a permit enabling Peter Schlegel of 7 Bay Shore Drive to repair or replace a dock surface.