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No good at Goody Pile

AMBROSE CLANCY | The 'Goody Pile' at the Recycling Center Monday morning.
AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTOS | The ‘Goody Pile’ at the Recycling Center Monday morning.

Residents called the Reporter Monday morning to complain about the situation at the Recycling Center’s “Goody Pile.”

We took a look at the place where residents can drop off objects in clean and working condition and pick up what they find there. What we found was a pile of junk.

“This is supposed to be a good thing,” one caller noted. “Not something disgusting.”

Commissioner of Public Works Jay Card Jr. said that his department has tried to keep the Goody Pile on a “self-serve basis,” but too often it has tuned into “a free for all” for non-caring residents.

Mr.Card said the area would have to be re-evaluated — perhaps having specific hours of service with an attendant at the site.

“It’s a shame we have to baby sit the Goody Pile,” Mr. Card said, adding that he was holding a staff meeting Wednesday to focus on the issue.