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Dering Harbor discusses the issues

JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Dering Harbor Village Hall.

JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Dering Harbor Village Hall.

The agenda at the Village of Dering Harbor Board of Trustee’s meeting on Saturday, June 21 wasn’t just about elections, past and present.

Mayor Tim Hogue updated the trustees and residents on a number of other issues as well.

• Water: The annual water quality report, a requirement of the Suffolk County Department of Health, had recently been mailed to all residents. “The bottom line,” the mayor said, “is the water is in very good shape.”

On the subject of water, he also announced the new well, well # 2, is now on-line.

A water main replacement caused some temporary disruption for two residential properties in the village but the work has been completed.

• Finances: With the end of the fiscal year approaching at the end of June, budget projections for 2013-2014 are on or close to target. The recently adopted budget for 2014-2015 shows a slight to decrease in the tax rate — not a lot, the mayor said, but at least it didn’t go up.

Tax bills have been mailed to all village residents; payment is due by the end of June.

• Roads: CHIPS money has been rolled over for a number of years, providing a cushion for necessary work, notably along Shore Road. Shore Road is on the route of the 10K race but immediately following the June 21 race, speed bumps for the summer will be installed along the length of the roadway.

• Goldfarb Paredes Hedge issue: The application submitted by Brad Goldfarb and Alfredo Paredes has been put on hold at the residents’ request, the mayor said. It’s late in the season for planting and vehicles related to construction on the property are in the way.

However, confusion still exists regarding whether the property line, or hedge line, in question belongs to the residents or to the village. Negotiations are continuing, the mayor said, and the outcome “will probably be a positive one for both sides.” There has been considerable research and exchange of documents between both parties and the lawyers, he said, and more information will be available at the public meeting in July when the applicants will be present.

In answer to a question from audience member Rob Ferris, Mr. Hogue that while village property cannot be transferred, it can be considered “surplus” property, and this is one option that’s being considered and will be aired next month.