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Two tickets, three accidents on this week’s blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Ali Ergul Jr., 23, of Mastic was driving on North Ferry Road on November 29 when he was stopped by police for using a cellphone without a hands-free device. He was subsequently issued an appearance ticket in the field for unlawful possession of marijuana.

Forrest S. Compton of Shelter Island was driving southbound on Grand Avenue on November 26 when he sideswiped a parked vehicle belonging to Valerie P. Edie of Shelter Island while attempting to park in front of Ms. Edie’s vehicle. There was estimated damage of over $1,000 to Mr. Compton’s passenger-side side panel and Ms. Edie’s driver’s-side front panel.

On November 29, Joan U. Salm of Shelter Island was traveling south on Ram Island Road when her vehicle was hit by a deer on the driver’s-side front corner, causing over $1,000 in damage.

Gwen Waddington of Shelter Island was backing out of a driveway on Sunnyside Avenue on November 30 when she hit a parked vehicle belonging to Gail Stroh of West Orange, New Jersey. Damage to the rear bumpers of both vehicles was estimated at over $1,000.

A caller told police on November 25 that a person was smoking “an unknown substance” at the Fiske Field basketball courts. The area was canvassed by police with negative results.

On November 26, police responded to a report that a vehicle parked in the North Ferry parking lot had its passenger door wide open in the pouring rain. The vehicle’s interior appeared to be intact and the door was secured without incident.

The Shelter Island Police Department participated in the East End’s Stop DWI Task Force on November 27. No violations were observed.

Police and an Emergency Medical Service team responded on November 27 to a dispute in Menantic related to health matters on November 27. The issue was resolved.

A caller reported on November 28 that a French door was open at a Montclair residence. Police investigated and found no sign of any criminal activity.

On November 28, police assisted a caller in informing a California company to refrain from making numerous unwanted calls.

Police on patrol on November 29 put down a sick raccoon found on a roadway in Menantic. On the same day, a caller told police about a sick raccoon on a Ram Island roadway; the raccoon was gone when police arrived.

A dead deer was reported on a Tarkettle resident’s property on November 29; police notified the Highway Department.

On November 30, a dead owl was found on a Center property. It was determined not to be an endangered species.

In one other animal incident, a pit bull was reported at large in the Center on November 30. The dog returned, on its own, to its residence; police asked the dog warden to interview the owner at a later time.

A jogger told police he heard an audible alarm at a home in Menantic on November 29. Police investigated and found the residence secure and no sign of fire or any criminal activity.

On December 1, police investigated prank calls received by two workers in the Heights.

Police followed up on a call on December 1 about a suspicious vehicle in the Center. It belonged to a caretaker responsible for homes in that area. No further action was taken.

Also on December 1, police responded to a caller whose computer had been hacked. AOL was assisting the caller in trying to retrieve the lost information.

Shelter Island Fire Chiefs responded to four automatic fire alarms at two different residences on Ram Island and two homes in the Center on November 26 and 27 and December 1. Three were determined by the chiefs to be false alarms; a fourth was set off by food cooking on a stove top.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported five individuals to Eastern Long Island Hospital on November 25, 28 and 29 and on December 1.