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Making it clear
To the Editor:
Regarding last week’s letter (“Bones to Pick”), Mr. Evangelista either misunderstood my letter or I wasn’t clear.

My non-vote in last November’s election was to protest the Democratic Party strategy of distancing themselves from President Obama. I am against such a strategy that also has racial overtones.

The Democratic National Committee does instruct Democratic candidates, nationwide, as to talking points and subjects to avoid. They do not meet at an exit off the L.I.E,, as Mr. Evangelista suggested. They do caucus, just like the Republican National Committee and other political parties, and make decisions.

In the late 1960s, the extra-patriotic right wing “hawks” countered the anti-war protesters with the slogan, “My country, right or wrong; My president, right or wrong.” Loyalty and support to the extreme.

We still have troops in war zones around the world. I do not advocate war but I do support those in the military who believe that they are there for all the right reasons. When President Obama, the Commander-in-Chief, is so disrespected over petty politics, it is extremely demoralizing to those risking their lives for us. Perhaps we need a new slogan, “My President, white or black.”

The Democratic Party needs to get the message that they must run candidates who have heart and intelligence, not just ego. Stay away from negative campaigning and avoid carved-in-stone tags of liberal, moderate or conservative. A good candidate needs to be liberal, moderate or conservative at different times for different reasons.
Shelter Island

To the Editor:
The Shelter Island Town Supervisor, Mr. Jim Dougherty, proposes a resolution to ban helicopter flights over Shelter Island?

Where does he suggest they fly, over my home in Laurel? There should be an outright ban on these horrible, noise-making, polluting machines. That resolution would have no teeth anyway, as the FAA alone determines routes.

Enhancing the community
To the Editor:
I would like to express gratitude for the privilege and opportunity to work with Denise DiPaolo, the director of the Shelter Island Public Library over the past six years. She has been highly supportive of all the efforts of the Friends of the Library.

In addition to taking the Turkey Plunge each November, she has immersed herself in the life of the community, joining the Chamber of Commerce and the Lions Club, as well as enhancing the library as a center of community activity.

We have all benefited from her enthusiastic direction and thoughtful dealings with library staff and patrons.

The Montauk library is getting a gem!

Thanks, Denise, for everything.

Bon voyage!
The Friends of the Shelter Island Library

With love and gratitude
To the Editor:
It is with a heavy heart that I say a final goodbye to all my dear Shelter Island friends and colleagues.

During the past seven years as your library director I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with so many talented, generous, brilliant Islanders. Islanders who have shared many library milestones, from the renovation to the Turkey Plunge, from Friday Night Dialogues to Tent Week and from the Book Sale to the Pop-Up Beach Library, just to name a few.

I will miss you all.

Special thank you to the past and present library trustees, Sue Hine and the Friends of the Library, all the library volunteers, the wonderful library patrons, the incredible Book Sale team, Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, Educational Foundation, town officials, Fire Department, Ambulance, School Board and staff, the Reporter’s staff, Garden Club, Historical Society, Friends of Trees, East End Hospice, Sylvester Manor and the CSA, Nature Conservancy, the Perlman Music Program and Taylor’s Island, the League of Women Voters, the Silver Circle, Poetry Project, 2Rs4Fun, Movie Committee, Communities That Care, the South Ferry, 10K organizers, UPS Bob, Shelter Island Association, Food Pantry and all the great Shelter Island restaurants, contractors and services.

I will especially miss working with the beautiful, talented library staff. A group of enthusiastic, hard-working women who make each day at the library an absolute joy and success. Thank you to Jennifer Blume, Jeanette Flynn, Katherine Garrison, Marian McEnroe, Moriah Moore, Jocelyn Ozolins, Ro Papini, Arleen West and Monica Worthington, all of our great summer interns and my right-hand woman, Laura Dickerson.

The Rock is a gem in my book!
Director, Shelter Island Library

If a Kaasik is involved
To the Editor:
If you missed it, your loss, I am sorry.

John and Karl Kaasik, their friends and family, brightened up the library last week at the Friday Night Dialogues with their hilarious play, “The Servants Last Serve.” I like to laugh, but I laughed more than I have in a long time.

I would just like to say “thank you” again to the entire Kaasik family and their friends for allowing us the opportunity to share in an evening of fun with their family.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, did an excellent job on their respective parts in this play.

Fortunately, I have learned a long time ago that if a Kaasik name is involved, it will be a first class performance.

Thank you also to the Shelter Island Library for presenting so many enjoyable evenings all year at no cost, during the Friday Night Dialogues. I have enjoyed many evenings and am looking forward to many more.
Shelter Island

Holiday fire safety
To the Editor:
The following are a few suggestions that I hope will be helpful.

1. If a live Christmas tree is used, do not bring the tree into the house until the day you plan to use it.
2. Place the tree in a stand that will hold water and keep it filled every day.
3. Never place the tree near the source of heat (fireplace, radiator, heating vent) or blocking exits.
4. Check all wires, plugs and sockets before they are placed on the tree.
5. Never use candles on or near the tree.
6. Use non-combustible decorations.
7. Remove the tree from the house as soon as possible and before the needles get too dry.
8. When using artificial trees, also check the wiring before placing on the tree.
9. Place all wrapping paper in a closed trash container as soon as possible.
10. Electrical toys for children should be supervised by an adult when being used.
11. If lighting decorations are used outdoors, make sure they are for outside lighting.
12. Regardless of the season, every family should work out a good fire escape plan. Get smoke detectors.
Shelter Island Fire District