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What’s up with Schmidt’s?

JULIE LANE PHOTO The “for sale” sign remains, but new shelving was moved into Schmidt’s this week, a possible indication that store owner Dennis Schmidt plans to maintain the Shelter Island store.
The “for sale” sign remains in Schmidt’s window this week.

The mystery continues.

The sign remains on the window inviting someone, anyone, to buy Schmidt’s Market.

Meanwhile, rumors have swirled that the market, which was renovated from top to bottom before it opened on June 7, 2013, has been operating without a certificate of occupancy.

“I’m not giving any comment on that at this time,” town Building Inspector Bill Banks said. The Reporter has filed a Freedom of Information request asking for the certificate of occupancy if one does exist.

Typically, anyone occupying a building without a CO would be cited and subject to a fine and forced to close until the building was brought up to code.

Owner Dennis Schmidt remains silent about his plans. An employee said last week the sign was meant to rile building owner Danny Calabro, who operates Dandy Liquors in the adjacent store.

Just two months ago, the two men were said to be engaged in an argument over the amount of rent Mr. Calabro was seeking for the space, but at that time, Mr. Schmidt declined comment, saying he hoped an agreement could be reached.

Both then and now, Mr. Calabro haven’t returned calls for comment.

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