Gretel’s update from China: Latest Legion lane news


Note: Our bowling columnist reports from China that league standings will appear at the end of each five-week period.

The main events have come and gone — Christmas and the New Year! What better way to burn some post-holiday calories than throwing a 10-, 12- or even 18-pound ball down a wooden alley?

I’m not talking about Elf Bowling, which I hear is also quite fun, but real Island Ladies League bowling.

Now that you’ve revelled in all the splendor of your many Christmas parties, torn open a few gifts, and then lain comatose from an extremely large holiday meal, take a moment to catch up with our fabulous female athletes at the American Legion!

Week 11: ‘Fabulous’ Franzoni’s Finesse
The temperature is continuing to drop, but the bowling scores are reaching all new highs! In Week 11, newcomer to the Fabulous Five, Katherine Franzoni, achieved the coveted Bowler of the Week status.

I’m guessing Captain Essie Simovich lit a fire under the Kat’s yule log. That spark was enough to raise Kat’s series, as she bowled a mere 62 pins over her series average. As a result of some stellar bowling by the entire team, the Fabulous Five were able to win 9.5 against the Odd Balls.

Nine and a half points? Yes, unfortunately for the Odd Balls, they had to forfeit the first game of the evening. However, they did return to bowl a tie game in the second. Of course, points must be split when a tie occurs. Nonetheless, the Odd Balls managed to grasp a point and a half.

In the other match of the week, Paint By Numbers battled the Guttersnipes. The Snipes came out on top with 6 of 11 points. Paint By Numbers snatched the remaining 5 points, led by teammate Phyllis Power, who bowled 32 pins over average in a single game.

Week 12: Top honors for our League Secretary
Week 12 was most notable as our beloved Bev, league secretary extraordinaire, bowled a whopping 111 pins over her series average. Congrats to this new Bowler of the Week. This strong effort helped the Odd Balls sweep the competition. They took all 11 points in their match against the Guttersnipes.

The Fabulous Five also had a stellar week, as they took 8 points in their match against Mama P’s Chicks. Once again, the modest Jackie Brewer bowled 53 pins over her average in one game. With four strikes in a row — one in the ninth frame and a turkey in the tenth — Jackie bowled a 198 high scratch game in game three. So far, Jackie is the first bowler this season to near the 200 mark. Perhaps we will see some over 200 games in the New Year!

Note: Our bowling columnist reports from China that league standings will appear at the end of each five-week period.