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Wise choice
To the Editor:
Choosing Emily and Dana Hallman is a well-deserved tribute to two fine Shelter Island women. Their actions speak louder than words.

They are a gift to our community.
Shelter Island

Wherever we can
To the Editor:
My mother and I would like to thank you for the honor of being named your Persons of the Year. You are correct in that we do not like attention, we just do as so many do on this Island and help wherever we can.

Thank you to all who have stopped me, called or sent a note congratulating us.

A thank you to Julie Lane for the article and a special thank you to Peter Waldner for his beautiful drawing.
Shelter Island

Je suis Charlie
To the Editor:
No words have yet been created to describe and explain feelings I have about what happened in France to journalists and cartoonists last week.

To continue “Charlie humor” — the turkey and deer populations have now overtaken the Island, and I’ve noticed many critical cartoons in the Reporter about our invasive neighbors. Please be careful, your car will get hit.
Shelter Island

Novel type
To the Editor:
Eleanor Oakley wrote a thought-provoking letter titled “One pitiful display” (Your letters, December 25). I agree with part of her letter, but there are other parts of it I don’t.

Just because one restaurant owner decides to be a bit different and decorate a toilet with Christmas lights isn’t a horrible thing. I know the owner and he’s an interesting fellow, the type of individual I might decide to make a main character in a novel if I were a novelist. And although beautiful postcards are created from the beaches, fields and scenic areas on Shelter Island, the people that live here for the most part weren’t born in a Norman Rockwell painting.

The holiday season brings out the best in people and that should include their sense of humor.
Shelter Island

To the Editor:
How interesting — to display a toilet to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ!

I have come to know many men, both in the military as well as civilian life, and I find Jack Kiffer to be unique. But he is within his rights.

Judging by his letter, he is obviously very proud of what he has done.  Kiffer’s attack on Ms. Oakley was, to say the least, unseemly. All in all, Kiffer, in these two episodes, reveals much about himself, as did Ms. Oakley, whom I commend for speaking out, and with whom I concur.