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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

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Fighting for the principle
To the Editor:
The proposed restrictions announced by the East Hampton Town Board are an important positive step in reducing the noise of helicopters and other aircraft flying over Shelter Island.

While many of us would wish for even more extensive restrictions, what has been proposed will be a significant improvement and establishes the principle that local government can set guidelines regarding commercial flights in the interest of the greater good.

It seems certain that both legal and political fights remain before these restrictions can be assured. I think everyone who lives on Shelter Island should lend their support to the East Hampton Town Board as they weather the inevitable challenges from the commercial airlines, pilots associations and others with a financial stake in maintaining this air traffic.
DAVID LICHTENSTEIN, President, South Ferry Hills Association

Quality of life
To the Editor:

The East Hampton Town Board considering a local law governing the use of the town’s airport obviously represents a major step in the right direction. The East Hampton board has tailored restrictions to help meet the needs of their residents, as well as those of surrounding communities and are “no more restrictive than absolutely necessary.”

That is a key phrase in order to avoid losing this case in court. Hopefully, these recommendations will become law and will provide Shelter Island residents with a significant improvement in the quality of life.
JAMES COLLIGAN, President, Silver Beach Association

Make a difference
To the Editor:
This letter is a heartfelt “thank you” to the East Hampton Town Board for listening to the majority of East End residents regarding the negative impact that increasing commercial air traffic has on our quiet way of life.

Prior to preparing their aircraft ruling, the town of East Hampton will hold a public hearing at 4:30 p.m. on March 5 at the LTV Studios, 75 Industrial Road, East Hampton. The opposition to any changes will most likely attend in full force. Now is the time to make a difference and let East Hampton know that aircraft noise pollution is not acceptable on the East End. Please make it a point to attend this meeting.

Giving their all
To the Editor:
Since I have no family in the school system, I have to be one of the most loyal supporters of the varsity basketball program this year. Sadly, I just attended the last game of the season tonight and it was a humdinger.

We played number three Pierson and we had them in our pocket. That was just before they had an unbelievable final 30 second drive to tie the game. We ended up losing the game in overtime. Last week, we defeated number two Stony Brook, which shows me that we have all the ability, but it didn’t guarantee us enough victories.

My reason for writing is nothing more than to say “thank you” to the players and the coaches. I have watched a lot of high school basketball in my life and this was another fun year. I just want the players to know that we in the stands can see that although you are the players, we notice you are also well-coached.

One of the beauties of watching is that the players are giving everything they have to win these games. I sometimes feel that they would dive on a bomb if they knew it would block a shot. To the coaches, somehow you understand what is important in life and it obviously isn’t about making a lot of money.

I can’t believe how much time you are willing to give these kids. I want you to realize that people are watching, but more importantly, they are supportive and appreciating what you are doing.

Thank you for a fun winter!
Shelter Island