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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


South Ferry notice
To the Editor:
As of today and through the end of April you’ll notice numerous construction vehicles blocking regular access on the eastern lane of Route 114 by our North Haven slips. These vehicles are part of Verizon’s efforts to relocate an existing communications cable in anticipation of Suffolk County’s planned dredging of the area immediately around our slips next winter.

We do not anticipate Verizon’s presence to affect ferry service in any way. However, the presence of these vehicles will require lane closures for a period of time that will affect your usual boarding and disembarking of our vessels at North Haven. Please, at North Haven, as you crest the hill approaching the ferry and as you disembark the ferry, watch closely for directions from the Department of Transportation flag people and our ferry staff. That area will be a little confusing at times but both groups are highly trained professionals who are there to assist you. We suggest you allow an extra few minutes to ensure your timely arrival at appointments while this job is in progress. Working together, we can ensure safe and efficient passage on and off our vessels.
Chief Operating Officer, South Ferry

Above and beyond
To the Editor:
On behalf of the Shelter Island Association and our entire community, I want to extend sincere gratitude to the Shelter Island Highway Department for a job well done.

This was a harsh winter that challenged highway departments throughout the northeast. Our department’s efforts to keep our roads open and safe for travel went above and beyond anyone’s expectations. The residents of Shelter Island are grateful for the individual efforts of each of our highway department members who worked long hours in difficult circumstances to help ensure that emergency vehicles and residents could navigate the Island successfully. All of the attendees at our last Shelter Island Association meeting agreed that we should express our deep appreciation for your extraordinary efforts throughout this past winter.

Thank you so very much.
Vice president, Shelter Island Association

Full bowls
To the Editor:
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to support “Empty Bowls” this past Sunday. Whether you came to eat soup, came to help on the day of the event, were one of the 10 restaurants who made soup, or one of the two dozen businesses who donated items for the raffle, each and every one of you helped to make it a terrific success. We raised just over $2,400, 20 percent of which will be donated to the Shelter Island Food Pantry. The rest will go toward The Edible School Garden for materials needed to build the shed, seeds for the garden and soil amendments.

I am also very happy to share that any of the soup that was not eaten was delivered to John’s Place Homeless Shelter at St. Agnes Church in Greenport. Along with the North Fork Parish Outreach, the North Fork Spanish Apostolate and The Inn, the wonderful people at John’s Place will make sure the soup is served to people in need.

We are so happy spring is here and look forward to getting back in the garden with the students of Shelter Island. And if anyone is interested in lending a hand in the garden this season, please let myself or Sarah Shepherd know. We are in the book!
Co-coordinator, Shelter Island Edible School Garden

To the Editor:
My brother and I feel the need to correct an error in a recent article (“The Benefits of Hosting a Buck,”February 26) by Joanne Sherman.

In the article our mom states that the reason she hasn’t hosted a player in the past was she “didn’t want to have to cook every night all summer,” noting that her kids are long gone and she is done with that. Any prospective Buck that may stay at the Sherman house needs to know that neither of her kids recall her cooking “every night” and while there was always food in the house (usually healthy), when the oven was used, it was for storage.
Pensacola, Florida
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Editor’s note: When Ms. Sherman was asked for a comment on the above charges, she responded: “Busted.”