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Surerus: Fireworks will happen

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Grucci fireworks graced Crescent Beach in previous years. Can the event be saved for 2015?
Grucci fireworks will again grace Crescent Beach in July.

“This show is happening.”

That’s the word from Brett Surerus Monday morning about the 58th Annual Fireworks Program on Shelter Island.He’s lead man among the four organizers to fund fireworks for this summer. His wife, Kelly, took a back seat Sunday night with a more pressing engagement — giving birth to their daughter, Piper.

Mother and daughter are doing well and dad is splitting his attention between his expanded family and ongoing responsibilities to the drive to close the funding gap.

The GoFundMe.com campaign started by the couple and friends Carla Cadzin and James Richardson has reached $31,410 of the $40,000 the four organizers sought.

But Mr. Surerus spoke to a couple of Island businesses Monday morning about making sizable contributions this week.

The organizers have obtained a state “EIN tax number” that will enable them to open a bank account as soon as they receive the state certificate. This is  to facillitate those who prefer not to donate on line but can instead submit checks. That’s expected to happen by next week.

Fireworks by Grucci has agreed to work with the group on pricing to ensure the event happens, Mr. Surerus said.

Numbers that spiraled up quickly in the first 10 days, trickled in the past week. As of Monday morning, 130 contributors had pledged during the 17 days the campaign has been in place. Contributions ranged from $5 to $5,000.

The group has also been in touch with the Shelter Island Fire Department, which is cooperating with the effort, Mr. Surerus said.

While the Chamber of Commerce, which had sponsored the event for the past 57 years, estimated costs at about $37,000, the group of independents sought $40,000 so there would be a cushion to cover any unexpected costs.

As soon as the group has information on its bank account, it will be posted on the Reporter website. You can link to the GoFundMe.com donor page from the group’s Facebook page at at Save the Shelter Island Fireworks.

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