Run for your life: Easy does it


There is always a battle between your mind and body. Mind is always inclined to choose a Stars Café buttered bagel or an amazing Marie Eiffel croissant and putting off that long run until later.

Best to ignore your mind. On the other hand, your body deserves listening to.

We all have days when the body says “No go.” You start your run and your legs feel as if you gained 50 pounds — or worse. The best solution is to listen, but see if you can come up with an alternative. Don’t quit. Play!

Take your bike for a spin, go for a swim because we will have beach weather, I promise, this year. Or try out the diverse workout apparatus at the FIT Center. The variety will do both you and your body good. Trust me, after a day of such “rest” you’ll be able to return to your training plans.

Another good way to overcome the inevitable exercise push back is finding a partner. While a partner every day may be hard to arrange, we could have some Shelter Island group training runs on the weekends. Folks would group-up based on pace and distance.

How about Shelter Island School at 9:30 a.m. Saturdays? If this is of interest, drop a note to [email protected] We’ll see if we can reach critical mass.

Don’t forgot to check out our website,, for this week’s suggested 5K and 10K training.

See you on the course.
Richard Denning is a member of the Shelter Island Run Board.