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State officials fight zone pricing on gasoline

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Picozzi's Mobil station on Bridge Street.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Picozzi’s Mobil station on Bridge Street.

Assemblyman Fred Thiele Jr. (I-Sag Harbor) is calling on the New York State Legislature to prohibit zone pricing for gasoline in line with recommendations from State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.The Thiele bill has the support of local gasoline retailers, but not major oil companies, Mr. Thiele said.
Those who purchase gasoline on the South Fork are paying more per gallon than others throughout Long Island as well as in other parts of New York State, he said.

He released results of a survey this week showing that gasoline prices on the South Fork increased from $2.49 per gallon in January to about $2.79 in April.

Prices are slightly lower on the rest of Long Island by at least two cents and around the state by an average of eight cents, Mr. Thiele said.

The average gasoline price for East Hampton and Southampton along Montauk Highway excluding Amagansett and Montauk, is $2.79, Mr. Thiele said. On the North Fork, drivers are paying about $2.65 per gallon and the Long Island average is $2.77.

On Shelter Island, drivers are paying $3.39 per gallon for regular gasoline at Elli’s Country Store to the south and $3.09 per gallon at Picozzi’s to the north.

Because of costs for fuel delivery trucks to access the Island by ferry, gasoline prices are typically higher than those on the North and South forks.

The legislator released a list of gasoline stations from Eastport to Montauk, with prices ranging from $2.79 per gallon to $3.59 per gallon and a historical list of gasoline prices from May of 2011 through April of this year showing that South Fork prices were often higher than in other areas of Long Island and the state.

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