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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


Support our troops
To the Editor:
Throughout the year, members of the Shelter Island American Legion and Ladies Auxiliary send out thank you letters and care packages to our active duty service members. We are in the process of updating our mailing list and would like to include anyone who is from Shelter Island, or who has family living on Shelter Island.

If you know of someone who is currently serving, and would like them to be included on our outreach list, please contact us at 749-1180 or send their information to:
Mitchell Post #281
P.O. Box 2021
Shelter Island, NY 11964

Commander, Mitchell Post #281

A reminder
To the Editor:
As most of us learned, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s companion, Sandra Lee, 48, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Since May is Mammogram Awareness month we are all reminded to get screened, because screening saves lives. “The Pink Ribbon” is up at Town Hall for May, thanks to the Highway Department. Please remind your loved ones to make the appointment to get screened this month.

Women need to be reminded to be aware of changes they may notice in their body — knowledge is power. Also remember to ask your health care practitioner about dense breast tissue and the difficulty in seeing cancer in dense breasts. Further screening, such as an ultrasound, may be helpful in detecting cancer.

If you are uninsured, there are programs available to help get you screened.

Let’s all wish the best for Sandra Lee and do what we can to protect our loved ones as well!
Shelter Island

To the Editor:
What a wonderful choice for the Lions Club Citizen of the Year (“Lions to celebrate Jack Monaghan,” May 14). We are culturally and educationally enriched by Jack Monaghan’s presence. Whether by taking high school students to the opera in New York, to a theater in Ireland, or a singing festival in New England, we gain so much by having Jack among us.

On top of his regular role as a substitute teacher, twice Jack has stepped in when our community needed him to teach social studies at Shelter Island School. Jack has also served our community as a mentor to help us grow and prepare us for college. When our community calls, Jack answers, every time.

Every community should be so fortunate to have someone as generous, kind, committed and gregarious as Jack Monaghan, but alas, they are not, because Jack chose us. So we win.

With tremendous gratitude and great respect.

Myrtle Beach?
To the Editor:
I recently travelled to Myrtle Beach and looked forward to being in the sun and walking along a long stretch of beach. After being there for about two hours I realized this was not the vacation spot for me. I learned quickly that there were helicopter tours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. everyday. The flights lasted only a few minutes as the choppers flew over the oceanfront and then quickly returned back to their helipad. Yet the constant pounding of the choppers was nerve wracking. I thought, how sad such a nice destination is just ruined by relentless noise. All for the whopping cost of $25.

Will this happen to the beautiful East End? Will residents let this type of business expand and offer these kind of short flights along the coast or over our creeks and homes? At this point, we are already being besieged with helicopter noise as pilots choose to “transition” to and from South Fork airports over our homes and waterways. I would hope that all residents will take the time to call in their noise complaints to the East Hampton complaint line — 800-376-4817 — and the Eastern Region Helicopter Council complaint line at 800-319-7410. It’s important to provide as much detail as possible. No complaints, no problems. Let’s try to “Save the East End” and “Save What’s Left.”

Sensitive, beautiful
To the Editor:
Thank you, Shelter Island Reporter, for the wonderful work in compiling so much news and information each week about our community.

Your “Letters” from so many Shelter Island people in the weekly Reporter are delightful to read. Our particular interest in sports is far-reaching and we especially enjoy Bob DeStefano’s column, “Eye On the Ball.” His writings about so many athletes are well done and always enjoyable.

We thank you, Bob, for your very sensitive and beautiful writings about our son, Stephen. Many of our family and friends have expressed warm comments about these articles.

We look forward to reading many more stories from you.
Shelter Island

Summer of 2015
To the Editor:
Twenty fifteen, what will it bring?

As the summer months approach and the warmth of the widening sun awakens flora and spirits, we wonder: does age and experience modify or heighten anticipation?

Time to plan, what is the perfect beach chair design? Color, weight, height, material, pockets would be nice, and one with a canopy (then maybe no need for an umbrella).

Such weighty decisions, but here’s a new plan: sit back, wait, relax and enjoy the unfolding events of time, weather and family and the summer we’ll share on Shelter Island.
Shelter Island