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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

REPORTER FILE PHOTO The Center Post Office.
The Center Post Office.

Late date
To the Editor:
The first transatlantic telegraph cable from Newfoundland to Ireland was laid in 1858.

At this late date in time it surely must be possible to successfully install an electric cable underwater from Southold to Shelter Island capable of meeting our future energy needs with the least negative impact on our community.
Shelter Island

Paging Chuck
To the Editor:
Today is Wednesday, my favorite day of the week during the summer. It is the one day when there is a let up in the noise from the helicopters, seaplanes and jets flying over my house on their way to and from East Hampton.

This will only get worse if the aviation industry gets their way. I urge residents to contact our representatives, though it seems that Lee Zeldin is the only one listening. Chuck?

Real fences
To the Editor:
Last Saturday at the intersection of Thomas Street and St. Mary’s Road, I saw two loose dogs. I stopped my car, hoping to lure them in and bring them to the safety of the dog warden. That’s when I noticed they were wearing little boxes (radio wave receivers) on their collars.

These wireless, underground pet containment systems, such as Invisible Fence and others, will not keep your dog safe. They can, and some will, run through the invisible barrier and take the shock. For the safety of your dogs, put up a real fence, especially if you live on a busy road.
Shelter Island