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Shelter Island well water levels normal for July

JULIE LANE PHOTO Water Advisory Committee member.
JULIE LANE PHOTO Water Advisory Committee member.

There were no surprises with the most recent gauging of water levels in Shelter Island’s test wells.

That’s according to Ken Pysher, who compiles United States Geological Survey information for the town’s Water Advisory Committee. Nine test wells are up and four are down for the period June 18 to July 16.

Wells slightly above their July average levels, Mr. Pysher reported, are at Big Ram, Menantic Road/Evans and Little Ram, which recorded it’s highest July level.

Wells slightly below their July averages were Manhansett North of Cobbets, Rocky Point, Manwaring Road, Congdon Road, Deer Park Lane, Dering Harbor Village, Hay Beach, Shelter Island Heights and Shorewood. The Brander/Lilliput Lane well is at its July average.

“Looks like a typical July,” Mr. Pysher said.