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Town Board okays Hirsch dock


With one dissenting vote, the Town Board Friday approved an application from Hirsch & Co., LLC at 26 Hilo Drive to construct a fixed and floating dock with stairs and a walkway approaching West Neck Bay.Councilman Peter Reich voted against the dock because he said it could be constructed without needing any variance from code. The applicant is entitled to a dock, but “on principle,” Mr. Reich said he was voting against the application.

The Waterways Management Advisory Committee had endorsed the proposal by a 4-1 vote after struggling with the application because of the dock length.

Marine contractors Tim and Sean Heaney had argued that their client needed a longer dock so that it would go out to a 5-foot water depth, concerned that at low tides, a lesser depth could damage the boat bottom. Mr. Reich said the 4-foot water depth allowed by code would suffice.


Town Board members unanimously approved the re-appointments of Paulette Van Vranken and Peder Larsen to the Conservation Advisory Committee with terms that expire on September 20, 2017.

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