Richard’s Almanac: The way it was

JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Columnist Richard Lomuscio
JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Columnist Richard Lomuscio

I was daydreaming the other day as I disembarked South Ferry. I passed Hallock Real Estate on the left, followed by the offices of Drs. Grunwaldt and Stroll at the Town Medical Center.

I stopped at Schmid’s for a half dozen jelly donuts, then filled up with gas at B&D. Continuing north on Route114, I noticed that the House of Glass was busy and George’s IGA parking lot was full.

Went in to Carol’s for some coffee and the latest gossip. After fresh coffee, I checked in with Buddy Binder to see if my lawn mower was ready.

Got back in the car and went to Fedi’s for some milk and passed the Osprey, which appeared to be very crowded. Noticed that there were only a few cars at Bohack’s. I slowed down by the Inn Between to see whose cars were there.

I took a left from 114 down West Neck Road for a stop at Mike’s West Neck Market for a prime club steak. Beachwood Realty was quiet and the T-shirt shop was not open. I drove past North Fork Bank and went across the road to get a half-pound of liverwurst at Mrs. Kovar’s deli.

Going down the hill toward Louis’ Beach, I stopped at Charlie Kraus’ for some fried scallops to bring home to the kids. They loved them. Farther down the beach, Peconic Lodge guests were sunning themselves on the shore.

I headed back to 114 north and waved to Evans Griffing standing outside his office at Griffing and Collins real estate on the right and saw many residents of the Belle Crest adult home relaxing on the porch.

The Island Food Centre’s lot was full and all the washing machines were being used. I wondered to myself if anyone would ever do anything with the large  EE Johnson & Son storefront across the way.

There were a few cars in front of Dinkel Real Estate. Across the way opposite the Dory, the Cafe des Aviatrix was getting ready for the dinner crowd. Next door I could see Greg Price at his desk in his real estate office.

I drove up the hill to the Cook, probably the most expensive restaurant on the Island at the time. To the right were Ferry Hills Associates Realty and Books & Videos. I went left to Harvey Katz’s to see if my TV was repaired and then stopped at the Reporter office to see if Bob Dunne had any stories for me to write.

Said hello to Mal Nevel as he was coming out of his mother’s place a few doors down from the Reporter.

I got back in the car and drove south on 114, then down Manwaring Road to St. Mary’s Road, and made a left on Burns Road for a refreshment and fellowship at Jack Cahill’s Harbor Inn.