Driver charged with felony DWI


Shelter Island Police Tuesday arrested Christian Johnson, 50, on three felony charges and four other charges.Mr. Johnson, of Shelter Island, was stopped at an undisclosed location at 5:50 p.m. Tuesday and charged with felony counts of driving while intoxicated; aggravated driving while intoxicated with a blood alcohol content greater than 0.18; and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle.

He was also charged with operating a motor vehicle that lacked a required interlock device to prevent it from being driven by an intoxicated person; possessing an open alcoholic drink in the vehicle; driving too slowly so as to impede traffic; and failing to signal a turn.

He was held overnight for arraignment Wednesday in Shelter Island Justice Court and subsequently released on bail for a later court date.

Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

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