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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


True meaning
To the Editor:
Last year, I asked the town supervisor about erecting a manger scene along with the Christmas tree and menorah.

I got nowhere, and was told the town didn’t have the money to purchase one. I was going to buy it for the town, but realized they have a lot more money than I do, with my only income being Social Security.

I found a nice one online for $149 that folds up and would be easy to store, and related this to Supervisor Dougherty.

In this day of threats from other countries and religions, I think it is time we put Christ back in Christmas.  We need Him now, more than ever and to turn our backs on the true meaning of Christmas, bothers me very much.

I hope the town will reconsider and show that we are still a “nation, under God.”
Shelter Island

Thank you all
To the Editor:
On behalf of the Friends of the Shelter Island Public Library, I would like to thank the Reporter for the enthusiastic coverage of the sixth annual Shelter Island Turkey Plunge (“Diving for dollars,” December 3).

It has become an event that energizes the community and raises significant funds for library projects not covered by the operating budget. The event involves a great deal of commitment from committee members, especially Andrew Ward, the committee chairman, underwriters, prize donors, volunteers, plungers, sponsors and spectators. We truly appreciated those who put themselves in the water and those who backed them up with sponsorship and cheers.

Thank you to Tracy McCarthy, who produced the design on the brilliant T-shirts, to Peter Waldner, the wonderful designer of our logo and to Judges Denise DiPaolo and Glenn Waddington. A special thank you to underwriters TMC Trucking and Maria’s Kitchen whose names unfortunately did not make it on the T-shirt. Thanks to all the teams that generated enthusiasm and money, especially the Ditzy Dippers.

A huge thank you to Terry Lucas, our library director, who works tirelessly to promote all library events and goes above and beyond the call of duty for the Friends of the Library.

We send special appreciation to the Ambulance Corps for standing by and to the Shelter Island Police for helping direct the crowds.

We look forward to the seventh annual Turkey Plunge on November 25, 2016.  Will we see you in the water?

Thank you to everyone in the community for your support in this year’s plunge and for supporting the craft vendors at our annual Holiday Craft Fair this past Saturday at the library.
Chairperson, Friends of the Shelter Island Library

Better late than …
To the Editor:
It would have been nice to see a picture of the top money raisers — Alison Binder and Colleen Emmett — for the library’s Turkey Plunge.

Maybe it’s not too late!
Shelter Island
Editor’s note: See below, and heartiest congratulations, again, to Alison and Colleen.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | ‘The Ditzy Dippers,’ AKA Colleen Emmett, left, and Alison Binder, the two individuals who raised the most money to support the library at the November 28 Turkey Plunge.
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | ‘The Ditzy Dippers,’ AKA Colleen Emmett, left, and Alison Binder, the two individuals who raised the most money to support the library at the November 28 Turkey Plunge.

Tribute to Archer
To the Editor:
Archer Brown will be missed (“Archer,” “A matter of consistency,” December 3) by all who know her and many more who have never met her.

There are few people I can remember my father speaking so highly of. Even in his last days he made me promise that nobody but Archer would be given his self-penned obituary, saying, “I know she’ll be sure I get the byline.”

The Shelter Island Reporter represented some of his fondest years and Archer Brown’s name was rarely left out of one of his Reporter anecdotes.

Thank you, Archer!
Shelter Island