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Shelter Island bowling: A fabulous week for Cass and company

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | Bowler of the Week Donna Cass consulting a higher power as her ball is ticketed for the gutter.
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | Bowler of the Week Donna Cass consulting a higher power as her ball is ticketed for the gutter.


The gap between the top teams narrowed this week as the Fabulous Five continued their winning ways. The Fabs’ Donna Cass earned a triple crown, her third Bowler of the Week title, and Jackie Brewer bagged the first “emu” of the season, blasting four strikes in a row to close the contest with Paint by Numbers.

The Fabs took two of three games, but it was not enough to knock the Paints off the top spot. The Odd Balls won as well, gaining on Mama P’s Chicks and fueling hopes of a championship season.

The Paints were a little slow at the start of play last Monday, but once Phyllis Power warmed up, she set the pace. With five spares, a strike on 7 and two strikes in a row on 10, she scored a 170, the high game of the week. Paints Captain Ginny Gibbs threw in a few spares and a strike of her own. Meanwhile, Donna started strong for the Fabs, notching seven spares and a strike for a 154 game.

Kat Franzoni, our previous Bowler of the Week, kept the magic flowing by throwing three strikes in the first four frames. Then, it seemed, the spell was broken, and Kat became all too familiar with the gutter. The Paints took the first game by 20 points.

Essie Simovich and Donna put the pressure on for the Fabs in game two, each scoring in the 150s. The Paints couldn’t keep up — Elaine Clifford was the only Paint to beat her average. This trend continued into game three, with Donna staying consistent and then Jackie Brewer waking up in the final frames, adding 60 pins to her total in frames 9 and 10 with that incredible emu.

Donna’s 454-pin series total was the high for the week and translated into the most over average and high handicap series. Well done, Donna.

Beverly Pelletier was ready to roll when her Odd Balls met Mama P’s Chicks in the week’s second match up. Bev threw three spares and two strikes in the first five frames, picked up another strike on 9 and closed with a spare and strike on 10 for a 161.

But the Chicks came on strong as well, most bowling well over average, including Mama P herself, who picked up three spares in the last four frames. The Chicks won game one by 15 points.

Kelly Michalak took inspiration from Bev and lit up the scoreboard in game two. She followed a frame 1 spare with a perfect turkey. She picked up two more spares before game’s end and netted a 162 — this week’s most over-average (33 pins) and high handicap game (207).

The Chicks struggled to close frames, although Melissa Steinmuller picked up a notable spare on a 3-10 split (in addition to a strike), and Sharon Wicks had two each strikes and spares. The Odd Balls were on a roll, and kept it going right through the third game, winning each of the last two games by over 60 points. They took 8 of 11 match points, putting them just 2 points behind the Chicks in the team standings, and 5 behind the Paints.

It may be January, but the ladies bowling season is really heating up.