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Schmidt’s for sale — again

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | A for sale sign appeared in Schmidt's Tuesday morning.

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | A for sale sign appeared in Schmidt’s window Tuesday morning.

Once again, a sign has appeared in Schmidt’s window offering the popular Center deli and grocery for sale.

Someone answering the phone at Schmidt’s Deli in Southampton Tuesday morning said owner Dennis Schmidt would not be available for comment until Thursday.

The Reporter left a message with the building’s owner, Dan Calabro, that was not immediately returned.

Last January, a similar sign went up. In that instance there was a landlord/tenant dispute over septic upgrades and the fact that Schmidt’s had been operating for nearly two years without a certificate of occupancy.

Eventually, a meeting of all parties was convened with Town Attorney Laury Dowd, Supervisor Jim Dougherty and Police Chief Jim Read participating.

Mr. Dougherty characterized the meeting as “constructive” and “we’re all on the same page.”