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Shelter Island Police blotter: Two accidents, two tickets


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Paulette Van Vranken of Shelter Island was leaving a parking space in the IGA’s parking lot on January 20 when she didn’t see the protruding base of a light pole and her vehicle hit it. There was over $1,000 in damage estimated to the left and front of the vehicle on the driver’s side; there was only minor damage to the light pole’s access door, which the impact had opened.

On January 22, Cecilia Quito of East Hampton was driving on North Midway Road when her vehicle left the roadway and hit a PSEG pole, splitting the pole in half. There was over $1,000 in damage to the left and front of the vehicle on the driver’s side. Ms. Quito was taken to Eastern Long Island Hospital by an emergency medical service team with injuries to her left shoulder and face.

The Shelter Island Fire Department stood by with police until PSEG responded.

Ms. Quito’s vehicle was towed. Police issued Ms. Quito, 25, two tickets for unlicensed operation and for not moving safely from the lane.

Shelter Island police conducted D.A.R.E. classes for 7th graders at the Shelter Island School on January 19 and 21 and for 5th graders on January 21.

On January 20, police responded to a report that a vehicle was parked on a Center caller’s driveway and that people were walking on the property. They were gone when police arrived but police found no signs of any criminal activity. The owner thought they may have been looking at the house as a possible rental.

Police received a report of an IRS scam call on January 20.

Police on patrol noticed an open door at a residence in Hay Beach on January 20. The caretaker was advised to re-secure the door.

An anonymous caller reported an intoxicated person in the Center on January 21 and requested an extra patrol.

Police were told on January 22 that there was a large number of roofing nails on a Hay Beach roadway, creating a  hazardous condition. The Shelter Island Highway Department responded and removed about 200 nails.

A caller told police on January 23 that a broken tree limb had fallen on wires in West Neck; PSEG was notified.

A power outage was reported in the Silver Beach area on January 23.

Police and the SIFD responded to a working structure fire at an occupied residence in Long View on January 23 at about 1:45 p.m. The fire was brought under control.

Several hours later, the SIFD extinguished a small basement fire at a residence, also in Long View. The cause of the fire, according to the police blotter, was a faulty fireplace.

Police noticed an open garage door at a Menantic home on January 24. Police cleared away snow and closed the door.

On the same day, a caller reported an open front door at a Heights residence. There was no sign of any forced entry; high winds may have blown the door open.

A Hay Beach caller reported a case of grand larceny on January 25.

Police responded to a report of a water leak at a property in the Center on January 25. The leak was caused by a burst pipe at an outdoor shower. The owner was advised.

On January 25, a Hay Beach caller reported an unknown person walking in the yard. Police located the person who was known to the caller.

Two burglary alarms were reported during the week at homes in Harbor View and on Ram Island on January 19 and 25 respectively. The doors and windows were secure in the first case; a wrong code set off the second automatic alarm.

A carbon monoxide alarm was activated at a Cartwright residence on January 22. SIFD Second Asssitant  Chief Beckwith reported it was a false alarm. The detector’s batteries were replaced.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported four people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on January 20, 21, 24 and 25. A fifth person was transported to Southampton Hospital on January 19.