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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor

REPORTER FILE PHOTO The Center Post Office.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO The Center Post Office.

No last call
To the Editor:
As I write this through tears of sadness and tears of joy, I’m constantly reminded of my dear friend and mentor, Ben Jones.

I asked Southold dispatch to send out a page that stated “Ben Jones, Medic 1, has responded to his last alarm.”

Little did I realize that Ben has not answered his last alarm. Ben, my dear, dear friend, you haven’t answered your last alarm because I have reached to call you after every call since your passing.

I have always relied on Ben’s advice to help me do what I do. Ben was the one person who completely understood what we did on calls, and would give great advice and comfort to me personally when I would call him.

So my tears of sadness turn to joy when I think of Ben still being with me every step I take. You can rest, my friend, we got this. We got this because you taught us how to do everything we do. Ben Jones may have answered his last call, but he is with me on every call.
Shelter Island

Making CYO happen
To the Editor:
As we draw closer to the end of another CYO basketball season, we would like to thank the people and organizations that help to make our program successful.

The coaching staff has done a tremendous job this year preparing the teams for their games. All of the positions in our CYO program are voluntary and we thank those who have chosen to give their time to coaching our teams. The support we have received from our parent/guardian base has been fantastic this year.

This year our teams had to travel a great distance to play games. The teams traveled as far west as Huntington and we would not have been able to play those games without the support of those who gave up their day to drive the athletes.

Thank you to all of the family members and other community members who attend the contests to cheer on the teams. We would also like to give a special thank you to Mary Ellen Adipietro, the former CYO coordinator, for helping to make a smooth transition into this season. Another special thank you goes to the Shelter Island School for the use of the facility for practices and games. The district is very supportive of our program and it is appreciated by all who are involved.

A final thank you to the Our Lady of the Isle parishioners and Father Peter. We would not be able to have a program without their generosity. Although CYO sports are organized through Catholic parishes, any child on Shelter Island who wishes to participate and meets the eligibility (age/grade) requirements may do so.

Unlike most CYO programs, our teams are fully funded by Our Lady of the Isle. No fees are passed along to the families. Thank you all again for a fantastic season and we hope to see you at the games next year.
CYO coordinators

Ask and you shall receive
To the Editor:
Sunday morning after the snow storm, my 80-plus-year-old husband felt the need to clear the walks for the four-legged member of our family. I turned to a Shelter Island site on social media to ask for help.

Within minutes I received several telephone calls and then families showed up at our door ready, willing, able and happy to help us. Many thanks to all of you. We sure do live in a very caring place.
Shelter Island