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Shelter Island Medical Center’s roof is in jeopardy

JULIE LANE |The town-owned Medical Center has a leaky roof.
JULIE LANE | The town-owned Medical Center has a leaky roof.

Henny Penny may have been hysterical in claiming the sky is falling. But it’s a reality that the roof on the Medical Center is badly leaking and can’t wait for outside funds to pay for repairs.

Councilwoman Chris Lewis called on her colleagues at Tuesday’s Town Board work session not to depend on grant funding for infrastructure and basic maintenance projects.

“You have to look into capital planning,” Councilman Jim Colligan agreed, noting that grants from the state promised last summer take time to flow and the town must often put up the money and await reimbursement.

The facilities roof is leaking badly. On rainy days water drops into the back office space occupied by Dr. Anthonettte Desire and Dr. Nathanael Desire.

It’s anticipated it would cost about $32,000 to repair.

Commissioner of Public Works Jay Card Jr. said Town Engineer John Cronin has looked at the damage and declared it problematic.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense” to wait on a roof repair, Police Chief Jim Read said.

No immediate action has taken place, but it’s likely to be an issue at upcoming work sessions and the February 26 regular Town Board meeting.

Former Councilman Peter Reich has been appointed to the Ferry Study Group. That appointment came at last Friday’s regular Town Board meeting. Mr. Reich sought the appointment because he wants ensure “no surcharges sneak up on us from the Village of Greenport” where a $1 per vehicle charge has been proposed.

Any increase would have to pass muster with the Suffolk County Legislature, which acts on requests for fare increases.

Mr. Reich also said he thinks North Ferry is not doing enough to address the traffic issues in Greenport and he wants to help initiate that conversation before the tourist season starts.

The Board also reappointed Michael Gulluscio to another term on the Ferry Study Group. Terms of both men will last until January 29, 2018.

Doug Matz was reappointed to the EMS Advisory Board and John Lopez was appointed to the Water Advisory Committee with terms that would expire December 31, 2017.