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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


Calling into question
To the Editor:
With a letter to the editor last week (“‘Token’ appointment?”), Tracy Clark called into question the motivation and competency of the Town Board members’ recent choice of Mary Dudley to join our board as Ed Brown’s replacement for the remainder of the year.

It is certainly right and fair to question our decision process — we are not infallible and that is democracy after all. However, to imply that we chose the “least qualified” candidate is an affront to the character and intellect of a person so clearly unknown to the letter writer. (As I might add, the writer is so clearly unknown to most of us.)

There will be an election in the fall with an opportunity to cast your vote for a different choice and again in two years there will be another election when two seats will be available to contest. Mark your calendar and join in being part of the solution.

However, Ms. Clark, since your name does not currently appear on our most recent voter lists, do be sure and register so you will be able to exercise your right to be part of this democratic process.
Town Councilwoman

Quite serious
To the Editor:
After reading your latest “By the Numbers” column in your newspaper, I was surprised to see a sarcastic dig at our situation, which we consider quite serious.

If a certain someone hadn’t reneged on his promises made last winter, we wouldn’t be at this juncture.

Here’s my own By the Numbers:
Number of grand openings by Schmidt’s on Shelter Island — 1.
Number of articles appearing in print in your newspaper covering same grand opening — 0.
Number of photos capturing grand opening in your newspaper — 0.
The number of times I’ll comment for same newspaper — 0.

Thank you! Come again!
Co-owner of Schmidt’s Market
Editor’s note: Last week, By the Numbers noted — accurately — that Mr. Schmidt had twice posted signs in his window that the business was for sale. The Reporter posted a story on March 7, 2013, with photos of the owners, the day they opened the market.

Fire safety
To the Editor:
One of the hazards of the winter season is frozen pipes. Many residents have had water pipes that were exposed to the cold weather and froze.

The problem is how to thaw them safely. Thawing a frozen pipe can end up a tragedy if not done properly. Water pipes that are exposed to cold weather and wind can and will freeze easily.

Pipes in crawl spaces and basement areas that are not heated or protected with insulation will freeze. Many people will use a torch to thaw the frozen pipe, not realizing that insulation, dust, wood chips and wooden beams will burn. Dust will burn very quickly and spread to the first or second floors through the walls — causing a very serious fire.

There are a number of safe ways to thaw. You may wrap the pipe with towels soaked in hot water or use a hot water bottle. You can also use an electric heating pad or an electric heater if there are no flammable or combustible materials in the vicinity.

If the pipe is broken, make sure you can turn off the water easily when the pipe thaws. If it is difficult to reach, call in a plumber.

Prevention is the name of the game. Any water pipe in crawl spaces should be wrapped with insulation. Hot water pipes freeze more quickly than cold water pipes. Even a small hole through which cold air can enter will cause a freeze.

The fire department is also concerned about children and adults tempted to cross or play on frozen ponds and lakes. What looks like sold ice is often not, so watch children and dogs carefully. Please be safe, not sorry.