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Shelter Island Police Department blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Following an investigation of a domestic incident, police arrested Jose Miguel Orellan-Gallardo, 32, of Shelter Island around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, April 25 and charged him with harrassment in the second degree with physical contact. He was arraigned at Shelter Island Justice Court before Judge Helen Rosenblum and released on $750 bail. The court also issued an order of protection to the victim, police said.

Police stopped Luis A. Cagnana of Central Islip on Manhanset Road on April 23 for speeding 48 miles per hour in an 30-mph zone and aggravated unlicensed operation in the second degree, a misdemeanor.

Milos Djurasic of Southampton was stopped by police on St. Mary’s Road on April 25 and charged with failure to yeild right of way at a stop sign.

A passserby turned in to police headquarters an article of property found on a roadside on April 19.

Police received an anonymous email on April 20 from a Silver Beach resident complaining that a neighbor’s dog was being left outside and allowed to bark all day. The owner, when contacted by police, said the home has a “doggy door” that allows the dog to exit and enter at will and that a noise-activated sytem is in place to alert the owner to any nuisance barking. Police advised the owner that continuous barking may result in enforcement activity.

Police received a call just after 9 p.m. on April 20 about a possible DWI, that turned out to be a disabled vehicle. Earlier in the evening police on patrol had stopped and questioned the driver of a car parked on the roadside who had disconnected the vehicle’s battery in the hope that once reconnected the car’s computer would reset and allow the car to run. Apparently, a passerby spotted the same car a little while later and called police.

A dog got loose in the Center on the afternoon of April 21; the owner’s caretaker arrived on the scene to claim the animal.

Also on April 21, police opened a confidential investigation.

Around 3 a.m. on April 22, a Center resident requested police assistance in removing a vehicle from her property. She informed police the vehicle had been parked in her driveway for a couple of years. Police advised her that because she knew the vehicle’s owner and had given permission to park on her property, the dispute was a civil and not a criminal matter, and that she could have the vehicle towed and stored elsewhere at her own expense while she sorted it out with the owner.

A Hay Beach resident called police on the afternoon of April 22 to report a diamond had falled out of her ring and she was unable to find it; she called back a while later to say it had been found.

Police patrolling in West Neck spotted an open door and window at an unoccupied residence on April 23. There was no sign of criminal activity, but neighbors had outdated contact information and police were unable to immediately contact the owner, though they did reach her later.

Homeowners should stop by the police station and fill out an emergency notification form, or make sure a neighbor, caretaker or some other trusted person has a way to contact them in case of an incident involving unoccupied homes, police said.

A Menantic resident reported to police on April 23 that a specific vehicle drives past daily around the same time at very high speed, and asked police to provide additional patrols at that time.

A Heights business owner on April 24 turned over items to police that had been left in the weeds behind his business for over six months.

PSEG was called in to attend to a locust tree leaning on the service drop at a HiLo house; police received two calls about it on April 24.

Police received two noise complaints later that day from neighbors of a Center resident who had been revving up the engine of his hot rod after bringing it out of winter storage; the car owner told police he would not start the engine again.

A caller following up April 24 on a previously lodged complaint was advised to seek the advice of an attorney.

In a petit larceny, a caller filed a report with police about stolen property on April 25 in order to document the matter for his insurance provider.

Police opened an investigation on April 25 in a case of harrassment.

Use of a garage door triggered an automated burglary alarm at a Hay Beach house on April 20; a family member using the door was not aware that the alarm was on.

Police en route to check an automated burglarly alarm on April 22, were notified that the homeowner had contacted the alarm company asking to cancel any response.

A Hay Beach resident called the police department to cancel any response to a carbon monoxide alarm inadvertently triggered while changing the batteries on April 25.

Police assisted Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams in transporting aided cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on April 22 and April 25.