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Shelter Island Police blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Carlos A. Moran Flores, 24, of Shelter Island was arrested May 20 around 4 p.m. and charged with driving while intoxicated, aggravated DWI, being an unlicensed operator, unreasonable and imprudent speeding, and drinking or possessing an open alcoholic beverage, police reported.

Mr. Flores is accused of crashing his flatbed truck into a Shelter Island Highway Department vehicle while driving through a work area on St. Mary’s Road where repaving was underway.

He was arraigned in front of Judge Mary-Faith Westervelt at Shelter Island Justice Court and released on $3,000 bail. Damage to the Highway Department vehicle, driven by Barry W. Ryder, was estimated by police at over $1,000.

No one was injured. The truck was seized and taken to the police impound lot.

Following an investigation of a complaint of a parked car being sideswiped outside Jack’s Marine, Melinda Rodriguez of San Antonio, Texas was traced to a Ram Island address and charged with leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident around noon on May 21. Damage was estimated by police at less than $1,000.

F. W. Saluto of Shirley was stopped on New York Avenue on May 17 and charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked registration.

Milosz A. Gotszling of Huntington Station was stopped on North Ferry Road on May 20 and charged with driving an uninspected motor vehicle and with inadequate or no stop lamps.

John P. Olinkiewicz of Shelter Island was stopped on St. Mary’s Road on May 20 and charged with permitting unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Following an alert on the morning of May 17 about a possible stolen license plate, police contacted the vehicle owner who turned in the plate, which was overdue to the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Police received a report around noon the same day from a driver who had followed a car that passed over the double yellow line before departing the Island on the North Ferry. Police told the caller that if such an incident happened in the future to pull over and call 911.

A Center caller reported May 17 that while walking her dog, its leash became entangled with those of three other dogs being walked by another person and that one of the three dogs scratched her as they worked the leashes free. She refused medical treatment and, after an investigation, the owner of the other dogs produced evidence that all three were up to date on rabies vaccines and were properly licensed.

Later, at the request of a Heights business owner, police traced a car abandoned in a parking lot without plates to a former employee; the business owner agreed to resolve the situation privately.

Early in the morning of May 18, a caller reported live wires down on Cartwright Road; PSEG was notified and police stayed on scene until the utility company arrived.

Later, a Cartwright resident complained to police that she was being repeatedly called at work about dogs barking at her home. Police contacted the person making the calls who said he had been trying to reach the building owner to complain about the woman and her dogs residing in an illegal apartment. Police advised the caller to take complaints about the apartment to the building inspector and about barking dogs to the animal control officer.

The afternoon of May 18, a Center resident contacted police to say an unknown person had dropped furniture and clothing on her driveway; police tracked down the vehicle that had dropped off the goods to a person who said he’d given the wrong address to an employee and that he would see to it that the items were delivered to the correct location.

A lawnmower seems to have been the culprit in a broken garage door window in the Menantic area. Police were called on May 19 to investigate the window and determined that during lawn servicing the day before a bit of driveway gravel must’ve damaged the pane.

On the evening of May 19, police were asked by a couple to intercede in interactions relating to their horse. Apparently, a person who often walks past admires their horse, but has a hostile attitude and the couple sought police intervention in his unwanted attention.

Police conducted an evacuation drill at the Shelter Island School on the afternoon of May 20.
Later on,  a West Neck caller reported a large sail boat possibly stuck on a sand bar in low tide off Shell Beach. Police attempted but were unable to make radio contact with the vessel. There were no signs of distress and no further action was taken.

On Silver Beach, repeated anonymous email complaints on May 21 that a dog was barking, that it had stopped barking, that it was barking again, prompted police to do an onsite evaluation during which the dog barked for one minute and 37 seconds; no violation was found.

That afternoon, a Cartwright caller reported that unknown persons were on his property but fled when approached. Police tracked them to a vehicle in the North Ferry parking lot. The driver stated he had stopped to use a portable bathroom at the location but fled because the caller looked very “angry.” Police contacted the caller who reported no property was missing or damaged.

That evening a Hay Beach resident reported a sick or injured deer; when police arrived the deer had left the area.

Police broke up a small group of youths who were having a campfire on county property in Section 9 in Hay Beach in the wee hours of May 22 after prom night.

On Silver Beach, a resident concerned about a strange vehicle parked on the side of the road called police May 23; it turned out her neighbor had rented the car.

Later on, police opened a grand larceny investigation prompted by a Shorewood resident’s complaint. That evening, a Center caller reported a deer stuck in a fence; the animal control officer was notified.

Police responded to an automated burglary alarm in the Cartwright area on May 17; it had been inadvertently set off by a resident.

The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the Shelter Island House Tavern on the morning of May 18; apparently, floor sanding that was underway set off the alarm.

The owner of a Center residence called police on May 19 to cancel their response to an automated alarm inadvertently set off by his son.

Police determined a low battery had set off a carbon monoxide monitor in a Long View residence on May 20 that prompted a response from police and the SIFD. Later, a burglary alarm brought police back to a Long View house that appeared secure; no cause of activation could be determined.

A fire alarm that called first responders to a Hilo residence on May 21 was determined to be a false alarm.

Later, a burglary alarm was activated at a West Neck residence; the owner did not have the proper code.

On May 22, police and fire fighters responded to an alarm at a Hay Beach residence where the owner was attempting to re-install a sensor on the ceiling; the alarm was determined to be false.

An alarm on the third floor of the Pridwin Hotel activated on the morning of May 23 apparently set off by a worker vacuuming; police and firefighters responded. Later that evening, the same alarm sounded again and it was determined by the fire department to be faulty.

A Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services team transported an aided case to Eastern Long Island Hospital on May 22.