Sylvester Manor opens new retail outlet

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Aerial view of Sylvester Manor.
Aerial view of Sylvester Manor.

Wanted: An employee and apprenticesSylvester Manor is opening its new Gatehouse adjacent to White Oak Nursery on Manwaring Road where it will sell locally-sourced food items and home and garden gifts, but it needs someone to staff the operation.

“We are hiring someone to man the Gatehouse shop and grow our farmstand sales team,” according to a statement issued by the Sylvester Manor team.

Hours and days of the week are flexible, according to the Sylvester Manor website. Experience in retail sales is preferred. Most important, according to the website, is people who are enthusiastic about Sylvester Manor and its mission.

In addition, Farm Manager Julia Trunzo is looking for help at Sylvester Manor’s Farmstand.

If you’re interested in staffing the Gatehouse, send your information to Executive Director Jo-Ann Robotti at [email protected]

If you would like to work at the Farmstand, email Ms. Trunzo at [email protected]

[email protected]