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Shelter Island Police blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Police and Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams responded to 10 aided cases on January 25, 26, 27 and 29. Nine people were transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital and one person was taken to Southampton Hospital.


James D. Dougherty of Shelter Island was backing out of a parking spot at Town Hall on Friday, January 27 when he hit a parked car belonging to Jonathan C. Tehan of Shelter Island. Damage to Mr. Tehan’s vehicle was estimated at over $1,000; there was minor damage to Mr. Dougherty’s vehicle.


A number of downed trees and wires were reported during the week. On January 24, police notified the Highway Department about a tree blocking a roadway in the Center and a partially blocked road on South Ram Island Drive. The same day, police notified PSEG about a downed electrical wire on Ram Island. On the 25th, an anonymous caller reported a tree in West Neck had pulled down electrical wires; PSEG was called again.

A case of criminal mischief in the Heights was called in on January 24. The same day a caller also reported, for information only, that the windows on his vehicle had all been opened without his knowledge — possibly caused by an electrical glitch.

A resident requested an extra patrol on January 26 for vehicles violating the weight restrictions on New York Avenue. No violations were noted but the next day police advised the driver of a truck to only use New York Avenue for pick-ups.

A contractor told police on January 27 that several times a vehicle had driven past the work crew at a high rate of speed. Police located the driver who was advised to drive slowly in utility work zones. The driver said he would comply but that the crew exercised poor traffic control at the site; police passed that information along to the contractor.

Among several other incidents that day, police received a noise complaint about a mobile camper in Hay Beach that had left its motor running for more than 15 minutes. The engine was turned off when police arrived.

Barking dogs were reported in the Center; the owner said it was feeding time and the dogs would quiet down.

A caller told police on January 28 that he was a victim of fraud. Police also investigated a report that a person was driving erratically in the Center. Police located the driver but did not observe any sign of impairment or alcohol.

Police and a caretaker responded to a burglary alarm at a residence in the Village of Dering Harbor. They found no problems on a walk-through of the home and notified the alarm company to check the system.

On January 29, police documented a case, civil in nature and involving a dispute over custody, for the court. A caller told police that two dogs were at large in West Neck; police searched the area with negative results.

The next day, January 30, a Center resident reported that someone had put her residence on Craig’s List for rent without her permission. She requested an extra patrol of the area to make sure no one was living in the residence.

A small, injured deer was trapped in a backyard fence in Longview. Police contacted Hamptons Wildlife Rescue to help free the deer, which was then transported to the refuge for medical attention.

Radar enforcement was conducted nine times on January 25, 27, 28, 29 and 30 in the Heights and Center. No violations were noted; one warning was issued. Traffic stops on January 24, 25, 27, 29 and 30 in the Center, South Ferry Hills, and the Heights resulted in one warning.

In other reports during the week, police provided patrol for two high school basketball games and opened a vehicle with the keys locked inside.