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Exploring the far reaches of Mashomack Preserve

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Jennifr Diblasi and Peter Purpura of Levittown enjoyed their trek to Mashomack Point.
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Jennifer Diblasi and Peter Purpura of Levittown who enjoyed their unseasonably warm weather trek to Mashomack Point on February 25.

A group of 20 intrepid hikers hopped in the back of Mashomack’s trucks on Saturday, February 25 for a ride to Mashomack Point, aka the Katherine Ordway Wildlife Refuge. In 1980, Ms. Ordway donated $3 million toward The Nature Conservancy’s purchase of Mashomack.

The hikers enjoyed the unusually warm temperatures along with sights such as winter ducks feeding in Gardiner’s Bay, an active redheaded woodpecker and the unusual location of two osprey nests in living trees in very close proximity to one another. Views of the field in the middle of the peninsula gave way to sweeping panoramas of Northwest Harbor and the South Fork.

The group agreed this extended trip to this normally off-limits area was well worth the visit.

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Mashomack Preserve's Cindy Belt talks to hikers.
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Mashomack Preserve’s Cindy Belt talks to hikers during the visit to the Katherine Ordway Wildlife Refuge at Mashomack Point.