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Appointment for Peckham

COURTESY PHOTO | Cellist Merry Peckham
COURTESY PHOTO  Cellist Merry Peckham

The Perlman Music Program announced that renowned cellist and teacher Merry Peckham has been appointment to the prestigious Chair of Chamber Music at New England Conservatory in Boston.

Ms. Peckham has been on the faculty of The Perlman Music Program for 17 years and serves as the program’s associate director, director of the chamber music workshop, and chamber music director and coach for the Summer Music School and all of the program’s residencies. 

“Merry has bestowed many remarkable gifts on our PMP family, most notably her infectious love for chamber music and genuine interest in each and every one of our students, alumni, faculty and staff,” the PMP said in a release. “Her presence is transformative for all of us, and we are honored every day to have her on our team. Happiest wishes to our dear friend.”