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Find another way
To the Editor:
I am one of the 15 homes — and Legion Hall — directly abutting Fiske Field. In this regard, I am highly concerned by the potential well contamination that would result from spraying such a large area with tickicide.

I applaud the efforts of using organic options but, as Animal Control Officer Beau Payne stated, these often have limited oversight, and potentially have more severe ramifications than those that we are already aware of from Permethrin use.

Beyond the insecticides poisoning our ground water, they are not selective in killing solely the ticks, but destroy beneficial insects and pollinators as well. All of these things are precious resources that are needed to keep our Island and earth protected.

I am well aware how serious the tick problem has become for our community, but ask that another way be found to address this issue. The baseball season is short and our lives here long (hopefully). As a first step, parents and children attending games could spray their clothing and shoes which can then be easily washed and the school could keep the grass as short as possible.

As a public institution of education, it is my hope, that the school will see that the negative consequences from these potential actions far outweigh the short-lived positive.
Shelter Island

Bucks need housing
To the Editor:
The Bucks are coming! On May 30, our latest crop of players and coaches are arriving.

Their flights are booked, their bags are packed and they can’t wait to be here. Let’s make sure they all have a home.

As Joanne Sherman said in a Reporter article, housing is the key to success. It is as rewarding to the host family as it is to the player. Thanks to veteran and new hosts who have committed to opening their homes this year, we are almost there.

But not quite.

We still need a few more people to step up and offer hospitality to a Buck (or two). We are ready to help make the decision to house a player as easy as possible for you. For example, if you are planning on being away for a few days or have family visiting, we will temporarily re-house your player for you.

Our season opens with a home game against Sag Harbor on June 2. See you there — can’t wait.

If you can help, please contact me at (631) 749-4251 or (631) 487-7997 or [email protected] Or stop me on the street!
Shelter Island Bucks general manager