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Former town councilman wants a word with the board


One simple word.

That’s all former town councilman and contractor Peter Reich wants added to the town code.

Mr. Reich asked the Town Board at its Tuesday work session to add the word “condensate” to the section in the code dealing with irrigation systems.

Currently, the code limits the systems to water from cisterns that is either trucked-in or “captured water from impermeable surfaces on the property.”

Mr. Reich told the board that on a large project he’s working on, condensation from various sources, including multiple dehumidifiers, air conditioners and “condensing furnaces” could be used.

“Rather than let it drip into nowhere, it would make sense to collect it into one central tank and pump it into the cistern,” Mr. Reich said.

He noted that one source had told him that collecting the condensate could result in 8 to 10 thousand gallons annually, which means one less large tanker truck coming to the Island.

The board agreed to consider the idea.

Councilwoman Chris Lewis said she had heard form several residents concerned about neighbors spraying for ticks. Ms. Lewis noted that some people keep bees, which can be harmed by pesticide spraying, and asked how residents could be notified of spraying.

Supervisor Jim Dougherty said the company that sprays usually does the notification to neighbors. Town Attorney Laury Dowd said that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation licenses the companies, and that agency should be contacted for all questions and concerns.

Lori Beard Raymond, building permit examiner for the town, informed the board of a seminar to be held Wednesday, June 14 on “energy code basics” for residential buildings.

The event is open to all. Contractors, architects and subcontractors should be especially interested, Ms. Raymond said.

The event will be held in the Shelter Island Public Library’s community room with two, four-hour sessions. The morning session is from 8 a.m. to noon, and the afternoon session is from 1 to 5 p.m. Refreshments will be provided.

Ms. Raymond said as of Tuesday, 31 people had already said they will attend and those interested can sign up at the Building Department.

The town has hired three traffic control officers for the summer season. Newcomer Taylor Rando, who will be paid $14 an hour, will join Robert Hitscherich and Desirae Hubbard, who patrolled the streets for the police department last summer. Mr. Hitscherich and Ms. Hubbard will be paid $15 an hour.