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Well readings remain solid for July



While the typical summer aquifer draw-down is in progress, current well heights compare favorably to the normal median height for July, according to the Water Advisory Committee.

While many of the test wells dropped more than the median between June and July this year, none of the declines were so great as to cause any concern, according to Greg Toner, who interprets the numbers for the committee that are provided by the United States Geological Survey.

Still, Islanders and visitors are advised to exercise water conservation measures, the committee advised. 

All test wells are above the median for July, but the “big four” primary storage wells — Manhansett, Manwaring, Congdon and Goat Hill — showed a slight drop from the 64 percent recorded last month, to 61 percent.

Menantic, that was unusually low in June readings “bounced back strongly,” Mr. Toner said. That may have indicated that a measurement error had occurred in June, Mr. Toner said.

The test wells on the Rams continue to show large swings in high and low values with this July’s readings showing major high levels, he said.

Comparing the July readings to the history for the test wells, all continue to show water levels above the 50 percent mark, he said.

The drought conditions remain lifted since June, after many months in which the town like most of New York State had lingered with drought conditions.

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