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PSEG: Cable project to the Heights to start mid-September


Islanders wondering about the status of the cable project that would provide reliable electrical current can rest easy, according to PSEG Director of Communications Jeffrey Weir.

He told the Reporter Wednesday he fully expects the project to get underway by mid-September and be completed before the 2018 vacation season.

The Greenport Village Board signed a contract with PSEG to greenlight the project in May, but the Heights Property Owners Corporation has yet to sign its contract. The electrical cable will come into Shelter Island in the Heights.

It will be only days before that contract is in place, Mr. Weir said. There are no major issues pending, but simply the need to dot a few “i”s and cross a few “t”s, he said.

HPOC General Manager Stella Lagudis has been mum about the contract other than to express optimism that it would be signed.

The Greenport contract provides for a payment by PSEG of $30,000 as an easement fee and a $1.3 million to the village along with agreement to repave Fifth Street when the work is completed.

The village agreed with its residents to take pictures of houses along Fifth Street before the work begins so they could be used for comparison should any damage occur to structures during the work period. Similarly, the HPOC agreement would ensure remuneration if any property damage occurred as a result of the project.

Mr. Weir said he has no indication that there would be any reason to delay the start of the project by mid- September and to have it completed by May 15, 2018.