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Quick action on Post Office oil spill


Thanks to a good samaritan who smelled oil and turned to see it gushing from underneath a car in the Center Post Office lot, what could have been a tragedy was averted Thursday shortly before noon.

Patricia Evangelista turned and yelled for Diana Malcolmson to turn off her car and get out of the vehicle when she observed oil running from the bottom of the vehicle.

With the police station across North Ferry Road and the Fire Department adjacent to the Post Office, the response was rapid. Firefigthers sanded the lot to ensure no other vehicle would slip on the oil or, worse yet, someone would drop a lighted cigarette onto the spill.

Police directed traffic out of the way.

Then police called Walter Richards, who provided tow truck service to take the vehicle to a repair shop, while Ms. Malcolmson called home for a ride.

All in a day’s work for the emergency responders. Ms. Malcolmson expressed her gratitude to them and Ms. Evangelista for realizing what was happening and responding so quickly.


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