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Shelter Island Police blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Miguel A. Gomez Vitelli of Southold was ticketed August 22 on West Neck Road for inadequate or no stop lamps.

On August 25, David J. Bartilucci of Shelter Island was ticketed for allowing a dog to run at large, and Lawrence C. Border of Sag Harbor was ticketed by a bay constable in the South Ferry channel — where his boat was alleged to have cut off a ferry — for having two children aboard not wearing personal flotation devices.

On August 26, Jordan Dickstein of New York City was ticketed by a bay constable off Crescent Beach on August 26 for failure to carry a registration certificate and Arman Nafeei of Los Angeles, a manager at Sunset Beach, was ticketed around 11:30 p.m. for a violation of the town noise ordinance. Earlier, an officer had warned the manager to bring the level within the legal limit.

On August 27, Robert B. Silverman of New York City was ticketed on St. Mary’s Road for speeding 47 miles per hour (mph) in a 35-mph zone, and DeJan TrboJevic of Wading River was ticketed by a bay constable in West Neck Harbor for having no personal flotation device aboard.

The size limit for porgies is 10 inches. The following were ticketed last week for keeping short porgies: Jose Alberto Guaman Remache of East Elmhurst on August 26 at Bootleggers Alley; Daniel Degante Bautista of Corona at Reel Point on August 26; Pinchas Avichezer of Brooklyn on August 27 at Menhaden Lane, and, while fishing without permission off a private Nostrand Parkway dock on August 27, Karla Lizette Sarango Palacios of Woodside. Atristain Mauricio Gonzalez of Sunnyside was ticketed at the same time for keeping undersized fluke. They were warned to keep off private property.

Police also issued 57 parking tickets last week.

A Center caller reported being awakened by a loud bang or crash on August 22, but the responding officer investigated with negative results. Later, an officer assisted the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office in processing an eviction; and an officer removed a dead fawn from the yard of a Center residence.

A Center caller reported a knocking sound on August 23, but no evidence of criminality was observed. Later, a Center caller reported, for informational purposes, that items had been taken from a kitchen drawer.

Following up on non-compliance notices, police officers working with Highway Department officials removed a number of boats from the storage area of Wades Beach.

A Center caller reported a bicycle had been taken and another swore a complaint of trespass and requested the SIPD notify the offender to stay off her property.

On August 24, officers responded to a complaint of erratic driving in the West Neck area; performed a welfare check; and opened an investigation into a possible grand larceny when a caller reported renting a place on Craig’s List that, upon arrival, had been rented to someone else.

The Shelter Island Fire Department extinguished a smoldering fire in a fire pit at a Midway Road  residence on August 24 after an officer on patrol observed a strong smell of burning plastic.

A caller reported on August 25  that unknown persons removed six signs from St. Mary’s road that had been posted in an attempt to advise drivers not to use the road as a cut through. Later, an officer conducted an investigation into possible sale of alcohol to minors.

Around 7:45 a.m. on August 26, a person reported a horn blowing in the Westmoreland area, worried it might be a distress signal. Police found nothing amiss and a walker passing by said it was due to a faulty car alarm.

On Silver Beach, a woman who set out from home only to be followed by her dog said that while she was returning the unleashed pooch, the driver of a passing car yelled at her to contain her pet.

Elsewhere on August 26: a Ram Island caller building a new home says unknown persons have removed required no trespassing signs from the site; the SIFD dispatched a team to aid in an elevator rescue at the Manor House; all guests and staff members were found safe — the elevator was closed for repair; and on Hay Beach someone playing music that was disturbing a neighbor turned it off right away.

At Crescent Beach on August 27, a police officer assisted in resolving a confrontation over a parking space. Later, a Mashomack caller reported a splashing sound near the shoreline, concerned that something might be struggling in the water. While en route, the responding officer heard back from the caller who said it turned out to be water splashing around a large rock now visible due to the falling tide.

A West Neck caller complained about noise on August 27, but the decibel level did not meet the standard for a formal complaint. Nonetheless, the manager of the establishment complied when asked to lower the bass.

The next day, a Center caller reported a possible scam letter and a vehicle parked on the beach without a beach driving permit was removed by its owner.

Police and firefighters were kept busy with false alarms last week: burglary alarms were set off by a guest at a Menantic residence, a Hay Beach homeowner, and a Heights renter; and faulty batteries were to blame for an automated fire alarm that went off at a West Neck residence and CO alarm at a Hay Beach home. On August 24, an actual fire in a brick oven in a Heights residence set off a smoke detector; the SIFD responded.

As they will do, dogs went a’roaming last week in the Center, Harbor View and the Menantic area. On August 28, a dog on Tarkettle reportedly charged at a passerby; its owner was warned about local leash laws.

Items missing and/or found last week included: a FitBit; a tackle box; a coin purse; a box of brake pads; a wallet, and a street sign. On August 24, Center caller reported items left on her yard.

In separate instances at sea, bay constables last week assisted boaters who were having difficulty anchoring, got stranded on a beach, and ran out of gas. A bay constable also assisted a fireworks company in locating a suitable place for a barge for a planned display.

Bay constables warned:  JetSkiers to reduce their speeding in waters off West Neck; sailors to keep clear of the South Ferry slips and a boat operator to be aware of the damage that can result from large wakes near rafted boats. On August 27, a Dering Harbor caller reported a stripped sailboat was tied to caller’s dock. The boat’s owner had earlier reported trouble with the boat and said it would be towed away.

Also last week officers responded to two reports, domestic in nature.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported aided cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital once on August 22 and August 23, three times on August 24, twice on August 25 and August 27, and responded to an aided case who refused medical attention on August 27.