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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


A focus on love
To the Editor:
On August 16, Rob Gorcoff got up at 5:30 a.m., had coffee, played with our dogs, talked with me about baseball, politics and our upcoming vacation. Following the same routine for 25 years, he then headed to work.

With our routine, being so very routine, what I expected next was a text by 9:30 saying, “Good morning, sweetie, I love you, how’s your day going.” Instead, my phone rang shortly after 8 a.m. with the caller ID displaying the name of Rob’s work partner.

My heart sank as I stared at the phone. Answering it, I listened to words that sounded so far away, words like “helicopter,” “severe injuries,” and “Stony Brook Trauma Center.” Words that struck me silent and still.

To say our lives have been drastically altered by the actions of one distracted driver is a profound understatement. However, Rob Gorcoff is tenacious and brave! He’s made miraculous progress, and the doctors are optimistic about his recovery.

Although our days have been filled with terrifying medical complications, we choose to focus on the love, kindness and support we’ve received from our friends, family and the Shelter Island community.

To everyone on Shelter Island who hugged us, fed us, cried with us, offered assistance, sent cards, called, posted support on social media, and prayed, we can’t thank you enough or adequately express how these acts of kindness have kept us going.

We are forever grateful to Jay Card and the Highway Department for going above and beyond to help us. Debbie Speeches, Ken Lewis, Brian Sherman, Dave Clark, Jimmy Lenzer, Nick Ryan, Bret Page, Butch Labrozzi, Mike Mitchell, Martin Hunt, Mike Reiter, Ron Jernick, Mike Gulluscio, Rob Brewer, Barry Ryder, Ray Congdon and Jeff Starzee, thank you for showing up!

We are thankful to Jim Dougherty and the Town Board, the town employees, Bruce Jernick, Chief Jim Read and the Police Department and the Shelter Island EMS.

An extra deep bow of gratitude goes out to Tommy Carr. I’ve never met a more divine soul than you, Tommy. Your generosity of spirit leaves me speechless. And to the generous spirits of Barrie Silver, Joan Tehan, Robin Lewis, Jeannie Lawless, Gina Sherman, Carol Hallman, Debbie Spotteck and Wendy Willumsen, our world is a better place with all of you in it.

Thanks a million, Shelter Island. We love you!
Shelter Island

How sweet it is
To the Editor:
On behalf of those who baked, bought and purchased our goods this past on Saturday/Sunday at Dabney Lee’s in support of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, thank you for helping in the fight against pediatric cancer by helping us raise over $650! Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is committed to one thing — funding pediatric cancer research.

They can only do so with the help of the many Shelter Islanders who donated their time, baked goods and donations. We were so very touched by the many people in the community who approached us to donate. With over 350 cookies, we sold out quickly and had great fun doing so.
If you weren’t able to buy some cookies, you can still support by donating here at cookiesforkidscancer.org.
Thank you to all who helped in making a difference for kids everywhere that are battling cancer.
Shelter Island