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Varsity golf wraps for the season

COURTESY PHOTO Bianca Evangelista has just completed a remarkable run of six years on the varsity golf team.
Bianca Evangelista has just completed a remarkable run of six years on the varsity golf team.

To the Shelter Island Varsity Golf Team and our readers, I’ve been remiss in writing this season. This has been a tough year for me, and although the team had many highlights, I’m sorry I never sat down to write.

The team had a good season with six wins and six losses. At one time we were solidly in second place with six wins against two losses. Unfortunately, losing our last four matches made us feel like we didn’t do well.

This year’s team had 12 players. In scoring, we always bring eight players to the matches. Only the top five scores actually count for the matches. Our team this year consisted of: Nicholas Young, Luca Quigley-Dunning, Owen Gibbs, Bianca Rae Evangelista, Nico Seddio, Henry Binder, Wes Congdon, Mason Marcello, Kate Doyle, Ethan Renault, Bas Quigley-Dunning and Elijah Davidson.

Ethan, Bas and Elijah were playing their first year and, of course, didn’t see much playing time in a varsity sport. Kate, Wes and Mason were either playing six, seven or eight spot all year. Henry played in the number five or six position all year and repeatedly turned in solid performances. Nico played the five slot all season and was equally solid.

Owen and Bianca played together in all matches with Owen playing three and Bianca four. This year completed six straight years that Bianca played varsity golf. One thing I’m sure of is her attitude and love for her teammates. She will really be missed next year.

Nick and Lucas were the strength of the team, playing one and two all year. Playing the two best players from every school each week can be tough, but both players had terrific seasons right to the end. They both qualified for the county tournament at Rock Hill Country Club, but only two players from our league made the cut to play the last day — Nick and M. Sledjeski from the undefeated Mattituck team.

Although Nick did not make the state qualifier, he was the low scorer for our league.

Now, losing Wes and Bianca for next year will make it difficult, but I’m looking forward to another great year.

Thank you, team, for a fun year.