Richard’s Almanac: Needlepoint and Mr. Crook

JULIE LANE PHOTO Richard visited a newly opened pubin the Chequit.
Richard visited a newly-opened pub in the Chequit.

I just heard from Senior Citizens Foundation vice-president Judy Daniels that the Senior Smarts Program will sponsor a workshop entitled “Needlepointing Christmas Ornaments” on Thursday, December 7 at the Senior Center.

The workshop will go from 9:30 am until noon and the cost is $5 to cover the needlepoint kit. Space is limited so call (631) 268-5723 to register.

And I think it is wise to clarify just what the Senior Citizens Foundation does for the Island.

It is a self-sustaining independent foundation with its own board of directors. The role of the foundation is to provide funding for projects that benefit Island senior citizens. This past year the foundation gave funds to the Perlman Music Program to enhance handicapped accessibility to its buildings.

The foundation also provided most of the funds to purchase a van for the transport of handicapped individuals. It also stands ready to help needy seniors with fuel bills and “life alert” systems.

So when you receive a request for a donation in the next few weeks, know that your gift, no matter how small, will benefit Island senior citizens.

Meanwhile I noted with sadness the departure of the Capital One bank from the Island. The building sits empty now generating lots of conjecture about what’s moving in. It would make sense to me if another bank located there.

I felt a certain kinship with the bank because it gave me my mortgage in 1972. George Behringer was in charge. That’s when the bank moved from the Heights to the newly constructed building on West Neck and Menantic Roads.

I still have the clock they gave me for opening a new account. It has been my bank for all these years. And everyone has always been  friendly and helpful. It’s reassuring to bank where everyone knows your name.

Rumors have been flying as to what’s going to replace the bank. We’ll just have to wait and see.

On another subject, I decided to try Mr. Crook’s Pub in the Chequit last Saturday. Lots of fun and a bit different.
I called to make a reservation and was told that they do not take them. When I arrived, I understood why.

When you enter, there is a sign saying to pick out a table you want and then go to the bar to place your food and beverage order. You carry your own beverages back to the table along with a number to place on the table. A waiter then brings the food to the table. All done very efficiently.

The place was fairly crowded and had a folksinger playing guitar. The vibrations were good — particularly with the spirits of Phil and Frenchie in the building.

When I asked why the name “Mr. Crook,” I was told that it was a Mr. Crook who built the Chequit building. The name Crook that I know of is Gabriel Crook who built four Greek Revival houses on the Island in the mid-19th century.

And then there was Johnny Crook who began building a large home for his fiancée. She left him. He lived in the unfinished house with the grand piano he bought for her. He played it well into the night for many years.

So whoever the correct Crook is, I wish them the best of luck.