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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


This side of the ferry
To the Editor:
Just because we live on a tiny island with no bridges does not mean that our newspaper and its brilliant cartoonist, Peter Waldner, should be limited to issues only on this side of the ferry (Your Letters, “Two cents worth,” December 7).

Although deer, ticks and water management are important discussions, there is a really big world out there and I appreciate a newspaper, especially a local one, that explores a variety of topics.

More specifically, I have always found Mr. Waldner’s cartoons to be intelligent, humorous and diverse. So, to the Reporter and Mr. Waldner, I say: Do not just “stick to local matters,” and keep up the good work!
Pastor, Shelter Island Presbyterian Church

Desecrating Mother Nature
To the Editor:
I’m writing to discourage the use of ATVs on public land.

Sachem’s Woods is being turned into a muddy racetrack. It is illegal to use ATVs on any public land, so this should be the first deterrent, but there are other reasons. Sachem’s is public. Who has the right to destroy and ruin the overall beauty of the woods that we all share and are paying for?

It’s also dangerous and the likelihood of a child getting hurt or hurting someone else is much more probable. A couple of years ago I was walking with my daughter in Sachems and we were repeatedly lapped by a kid on a quad.

There are a number of other gentle use activities that we all have the legal right to do on public land, such as hiking, running, bicycling, horseback riding, cross country skiing or hunting. Why not encourage something nondestructive?

Nature is the mother of us all and is worthy and deserving of our respect. I have no religious or political affiliation. I am dedicated to Mother Nature only, which not only sustains my life, but every other life form as we know it. Nature is sacred to me and to see it destroyed senselessly is heartbreaking.

On behalf of everyone who loves nature, I ask the parents of the kids riding their quads on public land to stop allowing the desecration of what is holy to me and many others on the Island. If you, as a parent, feel it is acceptable to allow your kids to do an illegal and unsafe activity on public land, then what other illegal activities do you consider to be acceptable?

The town’s Conservation Advisory Committee is currently the steward of Sachem’s Woods. I am publicly calling on the committee members to address this issue or relinquish stewardship to another committee that takes nature conservation seriously. Having signage and trail blazes clearly demonstrates that the people of the area take their woods seriously and won’t stand for their property being destroyed.

Lastly, I invite the kids who are riding ATVs on the trails to join me in trail maintenance when we start up again this spring. I will be contacting the school to ask about partnering with the Shelter Island Group for Trail Preservation in allowing trail maintenance as community service required to graduate.

All are welcome! Email [email protected]
Shelter Island

Miracle of lights
To the Editor:
The Chanukah Menorah lighting this past Sunday evening was moving and inspiring for the handful of people who attended.

It was a cold and blustery night, yet we are certain that everyone was very glad they bundled up to witness the “miracle of lights.” Rabbi Lerman spoke beautifully about the meaning of Chanukah and when the lights were kindled there was a wonderful glow all around us; in fact it did light up a very dark Shelter Island night.

Very warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and many thanks to Father Peter DeSanctis for joining so joyfully in the celebration. It is an especially heartwarming moment when we can all come together to say a prayer, sing a song and give thanks to be able to celebrate this holiday season with the freedom we are so fortunate to enjoy.

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas, may there be peace on earth and goodwill to all.
Shelter Island

Calling all pandas
To the Editor:
It is so simple. No permits should have ever been issued for sprinkler systems to begin with so now just deem them a nuisance and have them disconnected. No fines necessary — cut the pipes!

Monitor who is filling their pools with their own well water. Put a ban on fertilizer for those picture perfect green expanses of useless turf known as lawns unseen by anyone because they exist in a vacuum of a green grid of 40-foot privet hedges, which are another scourge to our once rural environment. What happened to the 8-foot fence limit?

Bamboo soaks up water faster than a thirsty elephant. Invite panda bears to eat it all up! We are not the suburbs! No amount of dollars can fix stupidity!

I read in your paper that there is no ban on shooting foxes (“Police Report,” December 7)? They control mice, rodents, and even deer. Petition the governor of our great state to permit pre-greening burning of the underbrush to control ticks, which only die by fire. Manage this situation ourselves and trust once again our Shelter Island Fire Department to monitor this simple preventive measure.

We challenge you, Mr. Gerth.

Merry Blessed Christmas and healthy Happy New Year to all and a happy celebration of life on a small island paradise that looks better every day thanks to our Jay Card and his crew of tireless workers.

As the late Mr. Lee always said: “Take a walk!”
Shelter Island