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Shelter Island Police Department blotter



Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

In nine days deer ran into seven cars driven by Shelter Island residents, and on the following day, an injured deer was found on a roadside along with evidence of an unreported accident. Except where noted, damage was in excess of $1,000:

On December 20, Vinette M. Olinkiewicz was driving westbound on West Neck Road at Sylvan Road around 6:30 p.m. when a deer jumped out and hit her vehicle, causing no damage. The deer did not survive.

On December 22, Thomas G. Carr’s vehicle sustained damage to the front passenger side when a deer ran out onto North Midway Road near Bateman around 5 p.m.

On December 23, John Phillip McEnroe, an employee of Liberty Automotive conducting a test drive of a customer’s vehicle around noon, was driving southbound on North Menantic Road near Bowditch Road when a deer struck the front center causing damage; and Diane K. Anderson was headed northbound on Petticoat Lane just off Brander Parkway around 4 p.m. when a deer ran out and struck her vehicle causing damage to the front bumper. The responding officer dispatched the injured deer.

Joseph P. Aterno was traveling northbound on Merkel Lane  near Robin Lane around 5:30 p.m. on December 24 when a deer ran out causing him to swerve off the road. The vehicle had to be towed out of a roadside hedge. Although damaged, it was operable.

Debra A. Speeches was headed southbound on North Ferry Road near Quail Hedge Lane around 10 a.m. December 25 when a deer ran into the roadway, causing damage to the front bumper. An officer dispatched the injured deer.

Spencer Phillip Gibbs was driving southbound on Sunshine Road near Smith Street around 8:45 p.m. on December 29 when a deer ran out and struck the vehicle causing damage to the driver’s side.

A caller reported finding an injured deer on Menantic Road near Dan’s Outboard Motors around 10 p.m. on December 30. It had apparently been struck by a vehicle and the responding officer, who dispatched the deer, found a part of a vehicle’s plastic undercarriage in the roadway.

Elizabeth A. Hummer of Old Hickory, Tennsee reported she was awaiting departure aboard a North Haven-bound South Ferry boat on December 27 around 4 p.m. when a vehicle driven by Gertrude Svala of Sag Habor bumped hers. She said her car sustained small scratches and, by the next day, she had developed a sore neck. Contacted by an officer, Ms. Svala said she did not see a ferry employee indicate for her to stop and that her vehicle was not damaged. No estimate was made of the damage.

Luis Rodas-Burgos of Shelter Island was ticketed on December 19 on North Ferry Road for inadequate or no stop lamps and for being an unlicensed operator.

Justin R. Sharma of East Hampton was ticketed on December 22 on North Ferry Road for inadequate or no stop lamps.

Kar D. Euceda-Gutierr of Laurel was ticketed on December 23 for failure to stop at a stop sign on West Neck Road.

Steven D. Kluepfel of Eastport, New York was tickted on December 29 for speeding 46 mph in a 25-mph zone on New York Avenue.

On December 19, a Center caller reported an ongoing problem of a driver coming too close to people walking along a roadway, and another caller reported he and his spouse have been victims of identity theft. Later, officers escorted Christmas carolers in the Silver Beach and Cartwright areas.

Shelter Island police officers did some housekeeping last week, clearing out loose ammunition and fireworks from a hazardous materials storage locker, which were taken for disposal on December 20 by the Suffolk County Police.

Someone found a wallet in the snow at a Center location on December 21 and a woman in the Cartwright area complained that a person had trespassed repeatedly on her property. The responding officer spoke with the person, who agreed to keep away.

Later, an officer on patrol on Stearns Point Road noticed that all of the “no parking” signs opposite The Tavern were missing, and apparently have been gone for months. A report was made to the Highway Department.

On December 22, a police officer responded to a call from another police department about a possible emotionally disturbed person. Later, a Menantic caller reported people yelling but the responding officer found people talking outside near the caller’s residence.

Police officers assisted in lifting a person who’d fallen on December 23. Two loose dogs were reported to be hanging out at a West Neck store but by the time an officer arrived, the dogs’ owner had retrieved them. A Silver Beach caller who reported hearing gunshots early that morning was advised they were likely from waterfowl hunters in the area. Later, a Center caller reported hearing gunshots in close proximity to property that is posted with “no trespassing/hunting” signs. The responding officer patrolled the area with negative results.

A person, possibly intoxicated, reportedly knocked on the back door of a Harbor View home just after midnight on December 24. The homeowner said the person walked away and appeared to be lost. The responding officer found the person, who was then assisted home.

A caller asked police to request duck hunters in the HiLo area early on Christmas Eve move away from his property; the hunters had already left by the time an officer arrived.

An officer on December 25 investigated a report of a suspicious person said to be standing outside the Center firehouse around 1 a.m.

Later on Christmas Day, a Suffolk County dredge boat moored in West Neck Harbor, broke off its mooring and ran aground on the inside shore of Shell Beach; a loose dog was reunited with its owner and a passerby reported an open door at a Center residence but there was no sign of criminal activity.

A boiler fire drew the Shelter Island Fire Department to a Heights residence around 7 a.m. December 26 after a freshly-installed smoke detector sounded an alarm. The owner was able to shut down the partially melted boiler which the fire department deemed destroyed. The owner was advised to contact a repair company.

A little later, a Center caller wanted to file a noise complaint when several members of a landscaping crew were operating leaf blowers simultaneously at a neighboring property. The officer advised the caller the noise was allowable, temporary and the work would soon be completed.

Around 11 a.m. on December 26 a caller reported that illegally parked cars on Route 114 near Mashomack Preserve were preventing him from getting out of his driveway. The responding officer spoke with the owners of the vehicles, who were exiting the preserve, and they agreed to move them.

A burglary alarm sounded at a Dering Harbor residence on December 28, but no sign of criminal activity was found and the caretaker was notified.

Later, overheating in a bathroom caused a fire alarm to be activated at a West Neck residence. The SIFD responded and determined it to be a false alarm.

That evening, a Hay Beach caller reported that someone might’ve used a spare key to enter the residence. Later, a Center resident reported receiving an alarming text message and wished to document the incident.

A fire alarm at a Cartwright residence sounded around 4 p.m.on December 29 when a person lit a fire without first opening the damper.

A caller reported an injured goose in her yard the morning of December 31 that seemed unable to fly, but when Animal Control Officer Beau Payne arrived, the goose flew off under its own power.

Later, an officer assisted another police agency in escorting a person from the North Ferry terminal to his home. That evening, a Center caller reported hearing gun shots, but the officer patrolled with negative results.

A burglary alarm sounded at an unoccupied Hay Beach residence around 7 a.m. on January 1, but no evidence of criminal activity was found.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services teams transported nine aided cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital between December 23 and January 1.