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Shelter Island Reporter Letters to the Editor


To the Editor:
Unfortunately, the recent article “Getting a charge,” (December 21) about our first charging station did not give credit to Don Young, who provided great assistance leading to the installation of that unit.

His comprehensive knowledge, personal experience and research with electric vehicles was most helpful and deserves recognition.

Hopefully, the town will now also  consider the direct and indirect benefits of purchasing such a car, many of which have an all-electric range of over 50 miles, and several over 100 miles. Not only will that save on fuel, it can be another step towards a better environment.

Maybe it’s time for Shelter Island to make an even bigger, more visible effort towards local and global sustainability.

Grant money, fund raisers, community support, etc., all will be helpful. Keep in mind, this too will be an investment in our future. Why not even take this idea to the next level and consider developing a community-wide ‘sustainability initiative?” Other towns have successfully done so, getting assistance from a variety of nonprofits and other agencies.

We are in many ways an affluent community and certainly have a wealth of human resources to help put all the pieces together.

This could be a win-win proposition, at the least this truly deserves serious consideration, perhaps something to get the New Year off to a great start. It could also be the ultimate Christmas present for future generations.

Even if you never drive an electric vehicle, perhaps the concepts behind our new car charger can provide a spark of inspiration for one and all.
Shelter Island