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Ladies bowling: The mighty have fallen

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Linda MaCarthy can’t believe it at the Legion Lanes Monday night.
Linda MaCarthy can’t believe it at the Legion Lanes Monday night.


Starting with Tuesday, Jackie Brewer of the Fab Five edged out Melissa Steinmuller of the Snipes for Bowler of the Week honors.

Both gals bowled 30 pins over their handicaps, but Jackie’s higher pin count across the scoresheet gave her the nod for this week’s lead spot. Go Jackie! The efforts of sister Guttersnipes — Jo-Jo, Jenny, Cathy and Rita (aka Kresak, Zahler, Driscoll and Gates, respectively) all supported
Melissa’s big night and the Snipes grabbed all 11 points from the Fabulous Five. Yes, it really happened — the mighty Fabulous Five have fallen!

The Chicks worked hard on Monday night to claim 7 points from the Delights. Linda Springer kept the heat on high for all three games and was the primary force behind Louie’s Shear Delights claiming 4 points from Mama P’s Chicks. Despite Ellie Labrozzi’s turkey to close the second and Sharon Wicks’ sparrow plus one to close the third (Linda Springer also bowled 4 spares in a row), the peepers didn’t have enough volume to peck all 11 points from the opposition.

However, the Guttersnipes’ huge upset against the Fab Five pushed the Chicks into second place.

The point spread between teams has narrowed. The ability for teams to change position in the standings has increased. Hope prevails.

The league standing sheet contains a lot of information. There are four team and six individual statistics tallied every week by, the always awesome Bev Pelletier.

Weekly stats get integrated into the year-to-date high scores for the same 10 statistics. You might think that only the first place team holds the league records, but that’s not true. For example, the fourth place team, the Delights, got the highest handicap team game of 731 this week despite their league standing. An individual tally that stands out is for Jenny Zahler. She’s in third place for the year-to-date high handicap game (59 pins over). So, you never know how the pins will fall for the league honoraria. Keep rolling and bowling!

Bowling Question of the Week:
Are the sports of bowling and curling (coming up in the Winter Olympics) related?
Check next week for the answer.

League Standings: Points Won
1 Fabulous Five    87.5
2 Mama P’s Chicks  66.0
3 Odd Balls      60.0
4 Guttersnipes     49.5
5 Louie’s Shear Delights 45.0
6 BYE         00.0